Swot Analysis

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Yahoo! SWOT Analysis
1. Yahoo! Has offices in more than 25 countries, provinces, or territories. 2. Yahoo! Offerings include Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, and Flickr and are provided to users free of charge. 3. Yahoo! Have search offerings such as Yahoo Search, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Yellow Pages, and Yahoo Maps. Its offered to users free of charge. 4. The Yahoo! Communications include Yahoo Mail, Zimbra Mail, and Yahoo Messenger which provide wide range of communication services to users and generate display advertising revenues from these offerings. 5. Yahoo revenues increased by 3.4% to $7.2 billion.

1. Net income decreased by 35.7% to $424 million.
2. Profit decline and reacted by eliminating another 675 jobs. 3. Yahoo! Revenues dropped 13% to 1.58 billion.
4. Firm laid off 700 employees to end with 13,000 employees. 5. Suffered from macroeconomic malaise.

1. Google had 72% of Internet traffic while Yahoo! Only possessed 17% 2. Microsoft has an obvious and strong desire to increase its Internet presence. 3. Google has successfully pushed for more open standards in the mobile space, which will allow users to choose more easily the carriers and handsets they want. 4. Google commands a good portion of revenue in the industry and is formidable competitor to Yahoo. 5. Google pursuit of mobile Internet opportunities has made it one of the main application providers for Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

1. Yahoo! is characterized by rapid change, converging technologies, and increasing competition. 2. Pursuing new business strategies, such as bundling Internet access with voice and video services. 3. Future expenses and profitability of the companies operating within the industry are harder to predict, 4. Future innovations and shifts in technology also make long-term strategies regarding the Internet and software services industry difficult. 5. Committed to attract...
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