Swot Analysis

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3.0 SWOT Analysis
3.1 Strengths
(Kerin et al, 2009, p.46) stated that SWOT analysis is describing an organization’s appraisal of its internal Strengths and Weaknesses and its external Opportunities and Threats. Padini is committed in providing customers with updated fashion wear which are coping with the ever-changing market trend. (Please refer to appendix 1) The Strengths of Padini are that they are very aggressive in term of their advertising strategy. Besides that, they have promotional events for their members by offer membership cards. Member of Padini can get discount by show their membership card. It’s enhancing customer loyalty. It does because they recognize the value of advertising and promotion is a method of enhance a brand image, reputation of Padini and customer loyalty. Padini also implemented the idea of “One-Stop-Shopping” by covering all their brands under one roof of the Padini Concept Store. In some Padini Concept Store, it covers PDI, P&Co, Padini Authentics and Seed brand together. This may bring convenience and comfortable for the customer because they no need visit few store instead of one Concept Store only. By using this strategy, Padini could get more profit by mean of cross-marketing where people will not only purchase any specific garments, accessories or footwear instead people will buy one after another. Ultimately, it’ll boost their total earning yield. In addition, Padini have an expansion with a total of 190 freestanding outlets and these numbers are still growing. In 2001, Padini has diversified by opening Padini cafe outlets called Seed Café. Customer can take a rest while having a cup of coffee after tired for shopping. Meanwhile, they also start expanding into overseas market in Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Philipines, Cambodia, India, Egypt, Oman, Vietnam, Indonesia and Syria. 3.2 Weaknesses

On the other hand, their Weaknesses is that Padini have too many product lines included apparel, shoe,...
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