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SWOT Analysis on Days Hotel, Hounslow


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• Introduction 3 • What is SWOT Analysis? 3 • Vision 5 • PESTLE Analysis 5 • SWOT Analysis of Days Hotel Hounslow 7

• Conclusion 11 • Recommendation 11 • Bibliography 12


Days Hotel Hounslow is a 3 star hotel (AA rated) part of the Wyndham Group of Hotels situated in Hounslow, Middlesex. It is a 96 bedroom property with 3 conference hall facilities for banqueting, events and conferences. Started in 2007 by franchisee owner “Mittal and Patel Properties” Days Hotel Hounslow has carved its niche amongst the budget travellers coming into the city of London. Its close proximity with the Heathrow Airport also gets itself a lot of business and leisure travellers. Its location plays a vital role as travelling to central London for the guests staying in the hotel is never a problem because the Hounslow tube station is a 2 minute walk from the Hotel. Facilities provided by the Hotel are as follows:

• Restaurant
• Bar
• Internet (Wi-Fi)
• Meetings & Events
• Car Parking
• Room Service

Local Competitors:

[pic] [pic] and Rosemont Hotel.

What is SWOT Analysis?

The SWOT Analysis is a beneficial tool for decision making and understanding dependencies between a company and its environment. (Pahl and Richter, 2009). The SWOT analysis pursues an integrated approach including key company and environmental variables. The objective is the confrontation of the company’s internal strengths and its weaknesses as well as company external business opportunities and threats in order to generate possible strategic options. (Bohm, 2008)


Strength and Weakness of an organisation are related to internal environment. Strengths and weakness can be in the form of

-Technological Capabilities
-Human Resources
-Production Facilities
-Financial resources
-Marketing Capabilities

Opportunities and Threats are related to external environment. The environment might present many opportunities but the company might not have the strength to avail these opportunities. Similarly the environment might pose a threat in the form of growing competition and the company may or may not have the strength to meet the threats.

(Jain et al, 2009)

As Opportunities and threats are based on external environment, the factors affecting that can be found through PESTLE analysis which comprises of

• Political
• Economical
• Social
• Technological
• Legal
• Environmental factors.




PESTLE Analysis

The PESTLE Analysis provides a framework for investigating and analysing the external environment for an organisation (Cadle, Paul, Turner, 2010). It is very upright to use as it considers each element in turn for any possible issues. When using the technique it is important to recognise that one is looking for factors that fit two criteria: they are outside the sphere of control of the organisation and they will have some level of impact upon it.


|PESTLE Analysis:- | | |Political Factors: These refer to government policy such as the degree of intervention in the...
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