Swot Analysis

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Airtel SWOT Analysis

• The company analysis has outlined a scenario of the Bharti Airtel. i.e, current

• scenario, future perspective, business development, retention of customers, Hr policies, study of different financial reports to know and understand the stand of the company

• Bharti Airtel speedy activity is one of its best attributes that has made it gain an international status across the world. It is always updated with the latest data and is highly competent. Quality remains the prime concern and is maintained strictly by the team.

• With such achievements, Bharti Airtel is still ruling the Indian telecom Industry and is aiming high to gain popularity and success around the world in brand building by making new discoveries everyday.

• Based on the above, observations can be made that it promises unprecedented and efficient control over the market.

• From the analysis on the reports the conclusions drawn were, there was a continuous increase in the share capital, Differed tax liability, unsecured loans, Stock options.

• The profits are transferred into reserves in surplus

• The company has invested the funds in fixed assets.

• The cost of sale of goods is been reduced by company with other expenditures but the sale of goods has been reduced.

• The profit is been increased due to the service revenue but not by the sale of goods.


• Very focused on telecom.

• Leader in fast growing cellular segment.

• Pan – India footprint.

• The only Indian operator, other than VSNL, that has an international submarine cable


• Price competition from BSNL and MTNL

• Untapped Rural Market


• Fast expanding Indian cellular market.

• Latest and low cost technology

• Huge market


• Competition from other cellular and mobile operators

• Saturation point in Basic telephony service


Parent Company
Mobile service provider
Tagline/ Slogans
Express yourself
Top brand in India and Brand connect
Elite class of people; Corporates
Target Group
Elite class above 25 years age; YUPS(Young Upward Professionals) Positioning
Aspirational and lifestyle brand; Premium category
SWOT Analysis
1.Largest cellular service provider in India, with over 164.61 million subscribers at the end of April 2011 2.Largest Telecom operator in the world with 207.8 million subscribers across 19 countries at the end of 2010 3.Only Indian operator, with VSNL, that has an international submarine cable 4.High brand visibility

5.Strong advertising with celebrity brand ambassadors
1.Price competition from BSNL and MTNL
2.Untapped Rural Market
1.Fast expanding cellular market
2.Latest and low cost technology
3.Untapped rural market
1.New entrant's low price offering
2.Saturation point in Basic telephony service
3.Mobile Number Portability
4.Tata Docomo
9.Tata Indicom

Airtel SWOT in Bangladesh
Strength: Global Brand Image; Low call tariff, instant cash back offer, product availability, different product segment for different type of customers; dedicated and customer oriented employees; loyal towards customers Weakness: Limited coverage; unstable network quality

Opportunity: Customers good intention to use airtel service
Threat: Network quality and retention of customers
38% YOY increase in customer base for mobile services
Market leader with 22.7% of market share for mobile services Excellent Network Infrastructure with Pan-India Presence
Good partners/strategic investors who have prior experience with 3G offerings Strong FCF/Flush with cash (Approx: US$ 180 Million)
Strong Partnerships with Technology vendors, Nokia, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei, IBM etc Extensive channel partners...
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