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Introduction – Primark.
In June 1969, the first Penneys store opened in Mary Street, Dublin. Within a year, four more stores were added – all in the Greater Dublin area. By 1973, the number of stores had reached 18 in Ireland and Primark began trading in Great Britain with four out-of-town stores. The following year saw the opening of the first UK High Street stores in Derby and Bristol In May 2006, Primark opened its first store in Spain – in Plenilunio (Madrid), followed by a second store in Murcia in September 2006. Primark Stores Limited is a clothes and linens retailer inthe UK and Euorpe with over 232 branches. Number of Stores Trading at 10th December 2011

Ireland - 38
Spain - 22
UK - 156
The Netherlands - 3
Portugal - 5
Germany - 7
Belgium - 1
Total - 232
TNS ranks Primark as the second largest clothing retailerin G.B. by volume in terms of market share. It was voted by the GMTV and ITV viewers as the “BestValue High Street Fashion” and it was placed as theleading retailer in value clothing by the Verdict Research S.W.O.T. Analysis of Primark

Great prices, fantastic value, good returns policy.
Primark offers job opportunities and employs over 27,000 people. Primark offers high street quality clothes for cheap prices and qualityservices to attract its customers and it also provides clothing for allages and sexes. The company is part of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) whichfocuses on worker’s rights, their production of goods and bringingbusinesses together to work on labour rights issues. TNS ranks Primark as Great Britain’s second largest clothing retailerby Volume in terms of market share. Weakness

Long queues, very messy stores, unhelpful staff, uncomfortable conditions Primark has little in terms of expression and communication as it doesnot advertise which is an advantage to its competitor’s. Other issues were with poor working conditions and disvaluingworkers rights. Opportunities

To provide high quality clothes to...
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