Topics: Police, Sheriff, Deputy sheriff Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Mission Statement
The mission of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is stated as “through the partnership with the citizens of our community, provide for the highest possible degree of protection for the county residents, guests, and their properties”. Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office also vows to enhance public safety and to develop a sense of responsibility for the community and its business’s. Motto

“Respectively Serving You”
Vision Statement
To enhance community awareness of local crime and to bring the community closer to its deputies to create a sense of family and belonging of the two. Core Values
Brunswick Sheriff’s Office prides itself with being an extinguished policing unit and providing safe transportation among I-85 and highway 58. Integrity
Sheriff’s Office will have a desired and respected sense of entitlement and professionalism Fairness
Ensure deputies treat all locals equally and fairly.
Face duties without hesitation and stop crime to the fullest capabilities. Devotion to Duty
Ensure deputies do not stray from their path of responsibility to their community. Sense of Responsibility
Pride in their community and encouragement to make the roads safer every day. Introduction
This SWOT analysis will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. The analysis will help provide how the agency takes steps to encourage public safety and how it keeps the roads and schools safer than surrounding communities. Brunswick Deputies go through all types of dangers on a daily basis and throughout each day they are able to earn respect from the community. Structural Frame

Brunswick Sheriff’s Office is divided by Administration, Civil Process, Communications, Court Security, Patrol, Investigations, and Specialized Units. Administration is composed of the Sheriff and deputy sheriff along with their Computer technician, and the assistant deputy. The assistant deputy and deputy sheriff keep things...
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