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Is the company able to seize market opportunities and nullify external threats?

When company crafting their strategy they must know about the SWOT
In order to satisfy this condition company has to do a better understanding on their SWOT.

Two most important part of SWOT analysis is

1. SWOT tell about company overall situation
2. On conclusions company able to know their internal strength, market opportunities, correct internal weakness and defend against external threats.

1.Identifying company internal strengths
Strength is something a company is good at doing
Strength depends on the quality of its resources and capabilities Assessing a company’s competencies
What activates does it perform well
Supply chain management, R&D, production distribution, sales and marketing
Are this activates perform better than the rivals.

Mere competency – core competency - distinctive competency

It’s a internal activity another word capability
Is an activity that a company has learned to perform with proficiency Contribute market success and profitability.
Product innovation

Core competency
Is an activity that a company performs proficiently that is also central to its strategy and competitive success.

Distinctive competency
Is a competitively important activity that a company performs better than its rivals. Proficiency that the rivals do not have

2.Identifying company weaknesses and competitive deficiencies Something that company lack or does poorly puts it a competitive disadvantage in a market place.

i. Inferior or unproven skill
ii. Deficiency intangible assets
iii. Inferior capabilities in key areas

Company weaknesses are thus internal shortcomings that constitute competitive liability

3.Identifying company market opportunities
Its difficult to tailor company strategy without identifying its market oppertunaty Industry oppertunaty as company oppertunaty

4.Identifying the treats to a...
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