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Fulfill Traveler’s Need
Ideal luggage bag fulfill consumer’s / traveler’s need. We have features such as dryer, mp3 player, and multi charger. Ideal luggage bag provide convenience to its target consumer when it fulfill their demand and turn it into our main strength. Warranty

Ideal luggage bag offers whole life warranty where customers can send in their damage luggage bag to any of our ideal authorize store and get all material and service on us. Besides fire damage and machine failure, we practically offers whole life warranty for all type of damage such as broken parts, maintenance of the dryer machine, electrical parts, and even damage done by carelessness of an air crew.

Luggage design and quality

We produce high quality luggage bag, which we combine high quality material and light material to produce our luggage bag so that it can be light and tough. Our design is almost same as most hard case luggage bag, just that we use and anti-scratch material for the hard case so that our customer will not worry about their luggage being scratched.


Low brand awareness by customer (potential customer)

Since ideal is fresh to the market, there is no doubt that we encounter low brand awareness by customer. It may take a few years to build up our brand equity and gain customers awareness of our product.

High price

Ideal offers techno luggage bag, which consist of portable charger, dryer, and alarm system. These features require high production cost, thus, causing the price of our luggage bag sky high. The price of luggage bag will be one of our greatest weaknesses to sell in the mass market.

Target market is narrow

Ideal luggage bag only target high end income consumers, this narrow down our target market dramatically. There are not many consumers that are willing to spend such a large amount of money to get a luggage bag even though it has useful features.

Lack of ideal service center

Ideal has only two...
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