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This chapter contains the project background including the background of the institute where the researchers conducting the study, the objective of the projects such as the general objective and specific objectives, and statement of the work including the scope of the system and list of the deliverables that are used in the project.

Project Background
Nowadays, everyone already knew the importance of computers because of the development it brings such as fast processing of data, lessen task and provides concise and accurate information. For personal and home use, computer allows people with disabilities to do normal activities such as shopping online, playing games with other people and working from home. For business uses, computers allow companies to keep large amounts of information at hand, makes ordering and tracking resources quicker and easier, and it allows people to have meetings from different locations. For educational uses, the Internet allows access to hundreds of online research materials and it also knows colleagues correspond quickly about ongoing research. Because of the tremendous impact that computers had, it is essential that people regardless of their major field of interest understand how computers can be helpful and useful in their daily lives. The profound impact of computers more particularly in the field of education brought new height in the methodology of teaching and learning. It’s an aiding tool for students in enhancing their skills in research and grasping knowledge through reading. Remarkably indeed computer coupled with powerful software, had integrate college and university facilities with transaction and process involved become faster, reliable, and efficient. Because of Modern technologies nowadays, there are many lists of systems that have been developed. One Good example of this is the TPS or Transaction Processing System. A Transaction Processing System (TPS) is a type of information system that collects, stores, modifies and retrieves the data transactions of an enterprise. There are many kinds of TPS, such as Accounting System, Enrollment System, Hotel Reservation and Billing System, Patient Information and Billing System, Payroll System and Sales and Inventory System, and The Library System. The system that we will focus on is the Library system. We all know that a Library System is a collection of reading materials that is kept available for people to use but not to buy. However, library was a natural development after the invention of writing. As soon as man learned to communicate graphically, he began to produce records which he stored for a variety of reasons. The use of books developing with it, the use of libraries cannot be considered in isolation since it continues through each successive stage in education. The library which has often been at the forefront on using automation and proclaiming its virtues to school administrators and faculty will now find it an important role to play in planning for a campus wide automation as a tool for information access. In relation to this, we have chosen Divina Pastora College as our subject wherein we will create a library system that will solve all the problems that their library is currently facing. Divina Pastora College was born out of long-felt need – a high school more accessible to students from the poblacion as the only high school in Gapan, Nueva Ecija at that time was one kilometer away, and one that would develop not only the mind and the body but the spirit as well. In June 2005 Rev. Msgr. Jose Elmer I. Mangalinao came and took over as School Director. Emelita Portillo as a part time College Dean, Ms. Annaline DC. Ondrade as High School Principal, and the late Mr. Luisito B. Estrella as the Pre/Elementary Principal. Looking onwards, Msgr. Jose Elmer I. Mangalinao has a strong desire to build up a new building for the additional rooms of the High School Department. The Divina Pastora...
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