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Alps Castle

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Name: Zorina Lai
Class: (11) 5E
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Introduction P. 3

Famous sights P. 4 • Castles
• Mountains and Alps
• Museums

Culture P. 6 • Holidays
• Art

Foods P. 8 • Cheeses
• Pastries
• Potatoes
• Chocolates

Entertainment P. 9 • Sports
• Spa
• Theme parks

Conclusion P.11

Reference P.12


Have you thought of a place where have many beautiful and stunning types of scenery, delicious foods, rich culture and so many funs, enjoyable and relax entertainments? I have:- Switzerland, the heart of Europe, where is a great choice for traveling. It is a joyful and peaceful country with many beautiful scenes to see and visit. Its air is clean and fresh, making the people happy and the place to be more and more attractive. Every year, there are over millions of travelers visit Switzerland.

In this essay I will illustrate Switzerland’s scenes, foods, culture and entertainment. All this impress me a lot and make me think Switzerland is a great and magical country to visit because of its peaceful, attractive and splendid. I am hoping more and more people will travel to Switzerland where will give the visitors and travelers a stunning view . .

Famous Sights

In the past three years, there are more than millions of tourists came to see the famous scenes of Switzerland. They are inspired by the ancient and grand castles and fortresses in the country. They are also amazing for the beautiful and splendid of peak scenes.

I would like to first introduce the famous castle in Switzerland. Tour Billon castle is very magnificent and is located in Sion. It was constructed by Bonifay Shallanin in the 13th century and had been destroyed once in fire in 1788. The Chillion castle is another famous castle, which is considered as the most impressive relic from the past, and it is located between Montrex and Villeneuve. The castle is indeed an interesting sightseeing place to behold. Inside the castle, there are wall paintings, statues and other archeological findings. It inspires many poets, writers and artists in the past. Right by the Chillion castle, there is a remarkable museum located in the ancient square tower. Switzerland has a rich history of many majestic castles that are very attractive to the visitors.

In Switzerland, there are many attractive peak scenes. The Matterhorn is one of the most famous peaks in Switzerland. It is a peak of 12,692 feet high. In mid 1800s, this mountain became famous because of many people died from climbing the peak. The Dufourspitze is another peak of 15, 203 feet high, which is the tallest peak in Switzerland that gives people many mysteries of thought of the peak scenes because it is too high to reach.

The Alps in Switzerland are the largest group of mountains in Europe. They stretch across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. The Alps also have glaciers; which are slow moving sheets of ice that created caves in the mountains. When someone was standing on the above of the glaciers, then he would definitely have the feeling of how marvelous the nature was.

There are also many large museums in Switzerland. They are indeed a good place to visit and explore. The Swiss Transport museum in Lucerne features interactive displays, its Highflyer—a filled balloon, which can carry up to twenty five people and can float 360 feet above...
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