Switching to the Vegetarian Lifestyle

Topics: Meat, Nutrition, Ethics of eating meat Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian? Vegetarianism is a lifestyle where one chooses not to eat animals. Every vegetarian has their own reasons for adopting the lifestyle. There are many benefits to converting to vegetarianism but others may argue that it is not a good choice for them. Many meat lovers will question why anyone would think of doing such a thing due to the lack of protein and nutrients that are provided by eating meat. They also argue the point that humans are meant to be omnivores due to the structure of our teeth. If this point was true, we would also possess other hunter qualities such as claws and longer fangs to pierce into flesh. Although both opposing sides have valid points, many people should become vegetarian in order to better the environment, improve their personal health, and save money.

Vegetarianism is beneficial to the environment in several ways. Someone can greatly reduce their carbon footprint with this lifestyle. Many fossil fuels are used to transport animals and feed, power the production of feed, and power factories. Fossil fuels are used in the production of produce as well as in the production of meat. Conserving non-renewable resources of energy is also a way vegetarianism helps reduce someone’s carbon footprint. The world is experiencing a crisis of oil but much of this oil is being used in the production of meat. More carbon dioxide is used to produce meat than grown food such as vegetables and rice. Meat production requires a great amount of water. Less production of meat would mean reducing some manure, antibiotics, and hormones that enter our water system. The environment also benefits from more people living the lifestyle by saving land. Almost one-third of the earth’s land surface is used for farm animals. Much of the produce and grain that is grown is being fed to the animals in order to produce more meat. The meat industry is also known for destroying important ecosystems, which sustain the lives...
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