Switching Techniques

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  • Published: September 4, 2012
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Communication networks carry information signals among entities, which are geographically far apart. An entity may be a computer or human being. A printer, a data terminal and so on. The entities are involved in the process of information transfer which may be in the form of a telephone conversation or a file transfer between two computers or message transfer between two terminal etc. so in this presentation we will be looking at how messages are forwarded through the network. Specifically, how and when buffers and switch ports of individual routers are allocated and released and thereby the timing which messages or message components can be forwarded to the next router on the destination path.

In computer networking and communications, switching communication network is a communication network which uses switching for connection of two non-adjacent nodes. Switching Communication Networks are divided into circuit switching networks, message switching networks, and packet switching networks. Communication is the most popular use of the Internet, with email topping the list of all the technologies used. Some of the types of communication technologies used also include email discussion groups, and chat groups. These are unique to networked computer environments and have come into wide popularity because of the Internet. Other technologies, including video and audio conferencing and Internet telephony, are also available on the Internet. They require more multimedia capabilities of computer systems and are more taxing of network resources than the others. They also are adaptations of other technologies to the Internet. In large networks there might be multiple paths linking sender and receiver. Information may be switched as it travels through various communication channels. There are three typical switching techniques available for digital traffic.

* Circuit Switching
* Message Switching
* Packet Switching
Circuit switching is a...
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