Switching Behavior Toward Low-Cost Airline

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Background Information
According to Research in Marketing in topic "Switching Behavior" that we have to study in this semester. They are many reason that people switching the brand, this is depend on the industry that they are in. It mean that in different industry will have some factor different that make people switching the brand but some of them might be the same. As this time we focus on the low-cost airline industry one type of the airline industry that had established in this industry. Mostly the airline industry established for along time ago and they face some problem in the industry so they launch a new way of airline to serve to customer. As there are many competitors that had launch the low-cost airline in the market. The marketers need to know the customer need and want from the low-cost airline to satisfy the customer and be the competitive advantage in the market also. There are few number of low-cost airline industry players in Thailand. They see the growth of people using in low-cost airline in Thailand due to the economic. Most player try to be unique and different from other like the service, price, promotion, and so on, that we will talk about later in detail of all factor that can make people switching to the other airline. From Nok's air company they want to know the factor that make people switching to the other airline in the low cost airline industry. So this make us relate to the research to find out the result that why people and what is the main reason that make people switching to the other airline. By doing a research to answer all the factor that have direct affect to the switching behavior in the low- cost airline industry. Identify the problem

Now a day we know that every people can go around the world to see each other or study or do business or travel and so on. It creates an airline industry become popular because it’s use less time to reach the place. From the economic go down and the oil price increase make people didn’t want to spend money and decrease to use the airline. This effect a lot on the airline industry so some try to solve the problem. They create the “low cost airline” to catch the people to still use the airplane to travel on broad. So in this cause we want to know even people use the low cost airline what will be their switching behavior on the low cost airline.

Research Objective
The objectives of our research are;
• To study switching behavior on the low cost airline industry. • To study how all the factor affecting to the switching behavior. • To understand all factor and related to all factor to be useful in the real life.

Research Question
What are the factors that influence people to switching brands?

Airline industry
US Airways industry must be increasingly proactive if they are to survive and compete, for data shows that low cost carriers are catching them up on their perceived points of difference. However, in terms of service the cheaper airlines as a whole are still receiving considerably more complaints, though it is worth noting that South West in fact receives very few.

Newer airlines have grown so quickly that there has been in many cases little time for training, revision of services and concentrating on perfecting those small touches that lead to customer satisfaction.

The biggest threat to any firm in the industry will be the successful emulation of South West, which does so well because it has an established and well-perceived brand as well as low prices. It is not an easy thing to pull off. In the meantime, traditional airlines and new ones in covering the middle ground should focus hard on making life easy for their customer by looking at destinations, frequency of flights, check in and baggage claim times and the perfect on-flight service. Convincing the customer to return to the idea that air travel can be a luxury that is worth paying for seems the only way towards a...
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