Switched at Birth

Topics: Family, Cochlear implant, Parent Pages: 5 (845 words) Published: November 13, 2011
By: Jessica Jones

Switched at Birth Essay- 2 hours ( Season Premiere and Second Episode )

ABC Family has just introduced a new TV series titled “Switched at Birth.” It is about

two girls that are switched at birth in the hospital. One of the girls named Bay Kennish

is in Biology class when she discovers , through a test being conducted in class that she

Has a rare AB blood type. Her parents advise her that this is impossible because they are

Both Type A. She asks her parents to ease her concern by taking a genetic test at a lab to

Confirm. The results show that she is not their biological daughter and after contacting

The hospital they find Regina Vasquez and her daughter Daphne, who is deaf. John and

Kathryn Kennish, Bay’s parents, try , in their own way, to help Daphne by suggesting to

Regina that they will pay for a cochlear implant surgery to assist Daphne to hear, and they

Also want to have her switch schools from her All-Deaf High School to Bay and her

Brother Toby’s private school. Regina says Daphne likes being deaf and doesn’t need to

Be fixed, she is also opposed to her changing schools, they feel she is rejecting their

Offers for assistance so Daphne would be totally dependent on her. Regina quickly

Informs them that Daphne is her daughter, and will not be told how to raise her.

Meanwhile, Bay is having a difficult time adjusting to the news, and starts to act out.

She fakes a nose piercing, by placing a small diamond stud sticker on the side of her nose,

Has a fight with her boyfriend Liam, and tells him they should take some time apart. She

Also tries to buy beer with a fake ID and gets busted. She gives cops Daphne’s name and

Regina called to come get her. John and Kathryn are called and Bay’s mother makes a

Rude comment that the situation should be familiar to Regina because she has been

Arrested in the past on 2 DUI’s. It is brought to light that Kathryn ran a background check on Regina, and Daphne’s mom quickly reminds Bay’s mom that the daughter the Kennish

Family raised is the one that was arrested. The argument becomes even more heated when

Bay’s mom, Kathryn, infers that Daphne is deaf because Regina was probably drunk

When Daphne got sick and neglected to take her to the hospital soon enough and allowed

Her fever to spike too high, thus resulting in the loss of her hearing. I do not think that she

Was being fair at all, to further prove my point, Kathryn also threatens to get a lawyer to

Sue Regina for custody of Daphne, which I felt was rude, unnecessary and inappropriate.

By the end of the Series Premiere, Bay visits Daphne, Regina and her grandmother,

Adrianna, where she learns they may be moving across country to Toledo , Ohio to live

With an uncle because Regina is 2 months behind on rent, Bay persuades her parents to

Daphne, her mom, and her grandma move into the guest house rent free.

In the 2nd episode the 3 parents are arguing over the other’s parenting styles. Regina

Informs them that she agreed to move in to the guest house so they could all get to know

Each other , but she never agreed to co-parent with them. The Kennishe’s say they didn’t

Realize that this would be the case and agree to disagree and would not interfere with her

Parenting decisions. Amongst the arguing, Bay and Daphne both leave to get some air.

Bay goes to meet Ty, a guy she met in Daphne’s neighborhood, and again when he helps

Them move into the guest house, and Daphne meets Liam, who she is still unaware of

Him knowing , or more importantly having dated Bay. When this is revealed, I don’t

Think it is going to go over well with Bay. I have a feeling she is going to be upset with

Daphne and she had no idea of the relationship. But, my hunch may be wrong and Bay

May have moved on to Ty and might be ok with it. Emmett is a deaf friend of Daphne’s...
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