Swisher Mower Marketing Mix

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Swisher Mower and Machine Company Market and Marketing Mix

Target Market
Swisher Mower’s primary target market is industrial users located in the non-metropolitan areas. 75% of the company’s sales come from non-metropolitan areas, while 30% of sales are generated from wholesalers and 20% from dealer sales. Their target market is also in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US. More specifically, Swisher targets consumers with over an acre of land and farmers with several hundred acres of land. Under the private branding deal, Swishers target market would expand to include consumers in metropolitan areas and those with small yards.

Marketing Mix

Swisher Mower currently offers three types of lawn mowers; Ride King, Trail-Mower T-44 and Push Mower. They are also in the process of developing a new product, Trim-Max, an all-in-one trimmer, edger, and mower. Swisher Mower products are known for their high quality, simple design and easy maintenance maintenance. They last, on average, 25 years before having to be replaced. Also current mowers’ parts are interchangeable with the parts of older models.

There are three types of riding lawn mowers on the market: the front-engine lawn tractors/garden tractors, the rear-engine riding mowers, and the mid-engine riding mowers. Currently, Swisher produces mid-engine models which are the least popular model. By accepting the branding offer, Swisher would have to reconfigure its product to appeal to popular demand.

Swisher Mower and Company primarily distributes its products in farm supply stores and hardware stores located outside metropolitan areas. They use three primary distribution channels; wholesale distributors, directly to dealers and private-labeling arrangements. Additionally, Swisher’s strongest presence is in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US. They also have a small presence in Europe and the South Pacific.

Swisher Mower’s current distribution channels are confined...
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