Swimming: Psychology and P.e.

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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“Reflection Paper in P.E. 103”
P.E. 103, it is a very challenging subject and it is not an easy subject for me because of the reason that I don’t have any experience about swimming, particularly I really don’t know how to swim and that’s why I think I always got a low grades in every P.E. practicum that we perform before our dismissal . The other reason why it is hard for me to perform well every time we go down to pool is I am ashamed of what I am wearing. But despite of my weaknesses I am still doing my best to learn in that subject because really want to know how to swim, not just for the grades but for my self also.

In swimming I have lots of values I learned one of this is the determination, determination to learn how to perform well the different styles of swimming even though it is hard for me to perform it, still I am doing my best to make and to learn from it. And it follows with dedication to what you are doing, dedication because I really want to learn how to swim in a different style if swimming. Second is the self confidence, in swimming I learn how to handle my self every time we go down to pool for our lessons and practicum, confidence that I can do it even it is hard. Next is the self discipline, I learn to discipline my self to listen to the instruction of our teacher, to discipline my self to over come my weaknesses. And lastly, I learn to have courage, courage to face the difficulties in every new lesson we perform in the pool because I believe that in every difficulties lies a valleys of success.

Therefore, I can say that P.E. 103 is a very helpful subject for us because I have lots of values that I learned from that subject that improved my personality even though it is hard for me to learn how to swim and you give more efforts to it before you learn. I am thankful that we have given a chance to have a subject swimming in our P.E. because now I realized how beneficial it is in our life and I am enjoying every time we swim because even...
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