Swimming Benifits

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How Swimming Benefits
Swimming is beneficial in so many ways, it helps with staying in shape, it's a great way to pass the time, many people proclaim swimming to be a sissy sport, because it's not physical or a contact sport, they say that only because they don't know how beneficial it is. I'm going to introduce the benefits of swimming to society and how it's good for all ages to learn how to swim.

I would like to start off by giving a brief synopsis of the history of swimming. Swimming was most likely invented long before it was recorded history. We discovered it by accident a person fell into the water and struggled to shore using the doggy paddle. The ancient Greeks and Romans incorporated swimming with their military training. In Japan as early as the first century there have been swimming contests that were organized. However in Europe swimming declined in popularity during the middle ages, there thought process was that the water was contaminated with diseases. Throughout history different countries of the world were introduced to the fitness components, such as the fluttering of the kicking for freestyle, and the other types of strokes to enhance the breathing, agility, and gravity that swimming requires.

Firstly, I want to talk about the health benefits from swimming, some of those benefits include a healthier heart. How it benefits the heart is swimming is an aerobic exerise, it serves to strengthen the heart, it not only helps by making your heart become larger, but it helps it more efficient in pumping , which leads to better blood flow throughout your body. Researchers also say that aerobic exercise can combat the body's inflammatory response. Now if that's not enough to get you moving in the water, The American Heart Association reports that just by exercising 30 minutes per day, such as swimming, can reduce coronary heart disease in woman by 30 to 40 percent. It's not only beneficial for women though, it can be helpful for almost everyone such as athlete kids, people struggling with weight, and elderly folk. Picture a runner training on a regular basis, and wants an activity that keeps his heart rate up, but wants to take some of the impact stress off his body perhaps he was doing some other form of workout, and now has an injury that won't allow him to put weight on his ankle or knees. Swimming can help! There's kicking workouts , water aerobics, or just a regular swimming workout that can all help him or anyone in that situation to get a great exercise without the weight on the pounding on the body with each move. Swimming is great for cross training and is good on muscle toning. That brings me to my second topic. I want to talk about muscular growth. Ever seen a flabby dolphin or a weak looking competitive looking swimmer? I didn't think so! That's because swimming is a great way to increase your muscular strength and muscle tone. I'm going to use another runner example, when a jogger takes a couple of laps around the track, that jogger is only moving themselves through the air, a swimmer on the other hand is propelling themselves through water. A substance 12 times as dense as air. Which means that every kick and arm stroke becomes a resistance exercise, and it's pretty well known that resistance exercises are one of the most efficient ways to build muscle tone and strengthen. Muscular strength only means to exert force, this alone does not equal true fitness, a person who only exerts force but has no endurance, think about professional body builders all they do is lift weights, they do incorporate cardio, but the percentage is very minimal, so they are missing a true physical fitness workout. Swimming on the other hand can help almost everyone build lean muscle. Flexible muscles that are both strong and long lasting. Building muscle strength and endurance is important at any age, but as people get older, they lose muscle mass and flexibility, which can hinder their ability to do day to...
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