Topics: Swimming, Week-day names, Failure Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: March 18, 2013
1. Routine 2. how it has shaped me
-practice monday-friday 4-7pm
-have morning practice tuesday,thursday,and friday 4:45-6:30 am - have Saturday practice 10-12 am
- every practice is set up to work on a specific quality, such as lactate buildup -practices are very intense and cause me to always be exhausted -I eat a solid diet to keep consistent in practice

- my diet consists of lots of protein, vegetables and white meat - I stopped drinking soda to really maximize my potential
- I eat at least 150-175g protein a day
- monday prac is aerobic freestyle, tuesday morning is overload kick, tuesday afternoon is overload swim, wednesday is aerobic IM, Thursday morning is pulling, thursday afternoon is quality swims, Friday morning is breakout sprints, Friday afternoon is technique and breakout sprints, Saturday is either aerobic IM, aerobic free, quality, or FiNA - I also run and lift weights on my own time, separate from the out of the pool training we do in practice

- a typical day for me would be to get up at 4am, eat something small, go to practice, drink a 42g protein shake, go to school very tired, get in a good lunch and also eat 2 bananas to make sure I have enough potassium, finish school, go to practice, drink a protein shake, shower/rest, eat dinner, and start homework at 10

How it has shaped me:
- I have a lot more time management skills because I have to do things in a limited time period - I’ve became a lot healthier because of my swimming diet
- I have had the chance to work with the best athletes of their sport -always have something to do, feel like I am doing it with a purpose -know what it feels like to embrace failure and success
- has made me a hard working person because of the fact that I put so much time into it - made me very resilient because I have always stayed with the sport even though the past 3 years have been very bad years in my swimming career

- made me to have a purpose from something other than just academics - has...
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