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The dominating swim team is swimming it’s way to victory. Sophomore Tatiana Anabtawi feels as if the team is very supportive and close. “Every person on the team is important, every team could use improvements but we are like a family.” Cara Soulliere thinks “The practices are really fun, we all get to mess around with each other like brothers and sisters.” The team seems really close with each other. Since they spend a lot of time together during practice and swim meets. * -------------------------------------------------

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Tatiana is a transfer this year and she is a crucial addition to the team by breaking one record in the 100 freestyle which she broke by one second getting a 57.1, she also broke a record in the 100 backstroke getting a time of 103.0 which was also broken by a second. “It’s not only about the individuals glory, it’s about the team as a whole and I love that about our team.” Tatiana also plans on breaking another record this year. “It’d be great to break the 50 freestyle record, but we only have two meets left, it’s going to be hard.” * -------------------------------------------------

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This year the team has swimming buddies. Swimming buddies are a fun way to get to know the other swimmers and give them something special that they like.Each meet they get a new buddy. Victor Noceda and Sarah Dalton were swimming buddies for a meet. Victor bought her some reese’s and her other favorite things. “Swimming buddies are nice to have, it’s fun to get treats from a fellow swimmer, something I look forward too.” * -------------------------------------------------

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Each meet a new...
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