Swim Race Poem

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Butterflies, Complete panic, a thrill of excitement as I slightly glance at the clear and pure water below me. A feeling of wanting, drilling through my mind when suddenly, the race is called, my first event, I feel a shudder run from my head to my toes as I am standing in a line with my competitors or you could say, my new enemies. When I get up onto the block the gun fires and the race has begun, I leap into the water and swim with all my might, like a sword fish catching its prey, kicking, holding my breath until I reach the surface. As I leapt into the icy cold water, I feel calm and relaxed, but now was not the time to be relaxed. After the first three laps, my heart was beating a thousand times a minute as if I had run a marathon, but all I noticed was that nobody was swimming by my side. “Could it be possible,” I thought to myself, “that I was ahead of all of my competitors?” That was when my heart instantly beat faster as I was on my last lap, gasping for air. My body was filled with excitement as I heard my name being chanted out in the crowd by my swim mates and coach. When I finally finished my race, they tell me my time, I feel a rush of pride, a personal best! I close my eyes and listen for my name being called for first place. I did it! I get out of the pool, and my adrenalin eventually dies down. I will never forget the feeling of pride and accomplishment from that day.
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