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  • Published: December 4, 2012
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Cleopatra Report Outline
What I’m going to write about is the outline of my report I picked Cleopatra because she has a lot of variable things about her. One of her variable reasons is She is the queen of Egypt, she is a mother and a Queen and a mother she has a baby queen Cleopatra has been a queen since 69-august 30 30Bce she has also been queen since she was 18 years old and she has a 10 year old brother her baby’s just been born a few months ago. Cleopatra died and she was young and her dad Ptolemy XI was sad. Cleopatra got married when she was 17. Ptolemy was Cleopatra’s baby’s name .the dad of the baby was Julius Caesar he is the dad of her baby. Her brother Ptolemy XIII was a sibling to her they both ruled the kingdom. Cleopatra was 22 when she was 22 years old. Cleopatra had to also consort to her younger brother when she was 11 years old. Cleopatra’s husband/brother died and she had to marry her other brother Ptolemy XIV but it didn’t last long at all soon he died of a disease. Then Cleopatra married former Mark Anthony and it was pretty good because Cleopatra could get anything she wanted to. Later a message came to mark saying she was dead but later they said it was a mistake she was still alive. After he heard the first message he fell on his sword on purpose because he thought if she’s dead then I shouldn’t be living then he died instantly. After’ Cleopatra married Julius Caesar One day on march of 44 BC he got killed by senators killed him they thought he was a disgrace to Egypt. When Cleopatra was queen she started calling herself the new iris. When Cleopatra died in 30 BC it was like a new way in Egypt because Cleopatra was dead. Cleopatra was born on 69 B.C. She died by a COBRA a poison snake and it killed her. Cleopatra died at the age 39 years old Cleopatra died the same year as Alexandra the great. Julius Caesar was born on July 100 B.C. he had fought in lots of civil wars and got involved in Rome’s politics. He was born at Rome, Italy he died on 44 BCE. Cleopatra was born in Egypt. Mark Anthony was born on April 20 83 BC and died on august 1 30 BC age 53. Cleopatra tried to stop the poisons snake but couldn’t and died. Cleopatra’s mother’s name was Cleopatra v tryphaena. Cleopatra’s name has been used 7 times in her tribe. Her Mom , 2 big sister, little sis and her aunty. She was the third child of Ptolemy XII amulets. Cleopatra had three sisters and two brothers. Both of her brothers help Cleopatra rule Egypt before the earlier deaths Ptolemy XIII died (44 BCE) droned through a fight with Julius César Cleopatra killed Ptolemy XIV in (47 BCE) herself. Much like those who ruled before him Ptolemy XII’s court was pledged with violence and corruption. Cleopatra learned her political lesson from her father. She watched his humiliating to maintain himself on the throne of Egypt by buying the support of powerful romans. On one such trip to Rhome Ptolemy XII daughter befriender seized her. Cleopatra made prepositions to return to Egypt by force but when Julius Cesar arrived in Alexandra after the battle of Pharorisis she saw the opportunity to use him. she had herself snuggled to him on a rug the relationship between César and Cleopatra grew from their mutual longing for power and money . César wanted the richest found in Cleopatra’s court while she longed with power in Rhome contrary to legend Cesar did not stay in Egypt with Cleopatra very long.

In the winter of 41 BCE mark followed Cleopatra to Alexandria where he enjoyed the pleasures of the attention and company of the queen. Cleopatra hoped to tie him to her emotionally but Anthony left the village in the early spring of 40 BCE.in the autumn of 30 BCE he sent his wife octave the sister of roman optician October on the way to Italy she was pregnant. Mark Anthony then went to Antonio to see Cleopatra on her trip there.

After Actium Cleopatra tried to nougat with Octavian but he wouldn’t let her and so she went to Anthony to tell him but he was...
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