Sweet Home Alabama

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Sweet Home Alabama
Janine Kasparian-Wolfe
ENG 225
Sarah MacDonald
August 20, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama
Can you really find your soul mate when your ten years old? Did you know when lightening hits the sand it forms beautiful glass pieces when you dig it up? Reese Witherspoon (Melanie), Josh Lucas (Jake), and Patrick Dempsey (Andrew) fall into a love triangle that takes you from high class New York City to down south in Greenville, Alabama. You will learn it is not all about the money you make, or the possessions you have in your life. It is about the love, family, and friends that support you that make your life the fullest. Storytelling

After a failed marriage, and a miscarriage Melanie Smooter leaves behind her Alabama roots, and high school sweetheart husband to search for her dream of becoming a fashion designer in Manhattan. She starts her new life with changing her name from Melanie Smooter to Melanie Carmichael. Then enters the glamorous social circle, where she catches the eye of a handsome Park Avenue man named Andrew Hennings, whose mother is the Mayor of New York City. After accepting a proposal from this high society upcoming politician, she must visit her hometown to finalize her divorce paperwork from her soon to be ex-husband Jake. While back home she visits her parents who still live in the home she was raised in, which is a double wide trailer. She proceeds to tell them about her engagement and her new successful career. When she pays her ex-husband Jake a visit and demands a divorce, he calls the sheriff. She discovers that Jake never changed their bank account from a joint account, and spends all his money on redecorating their home. When Jake refuses to sign the divorce papers Melanie follow him to the local bar owned by his mother. She converses with her old high school friends, and reminisces about all the good times back in Alabama. She gets intoxicated, and for a moment she forgets where she came from as she acts like a snobby New Yorker in a hick town. Her old friends remind her it is not always about money that makes people happy. She wakes up with a headache and the divorce papers signed. She pays one last visit to her friend Bobby Ray to apologize to him for her behavior the night before. After all his family estate, The Carmichael Plantation is what inspired her new last name. Melanie and Andrew plan their wedding in Alabama. Melanie finds out Jake came looking for her in the city, but realized in order to win her back he needed to make something of himself. She discovers he started a deep glass business. The day of her wedding she finds out she did not sign the divorce papers. She begins to question her decision to marry Andrew and divorce Jake. This film started in Manhattan, New York, the fashion capital of the world where life is fast paced. To taking the movie back to Melanie’s southern roots in Alabama, a small town outside of Greenville named Pigeon Creek (Los Angeles Times, 2002). The director created a movie full of wholesome southern comfort. You feel part of the southern culture once Melanie touches down in Alabama. Starting with beautiful Plantation homes, green grass, desolated roads, and then working your way down to the small country town feel. The town has only one main street, one bank with no ATM, and one local bar everyone patrons for the night life. The camera captures all the events of a small town such as: a local festival, a dog cemetery, water tower, and everyone in the town knowing everyone and everything that goes on. Melanie goes from the high class uppity socialites into a society that thinks Jaclyn Smith is a top fashion designer. She realizes life is not all about a name and money, but about true friendship and being accepted for who you are. This romantic comedy directed by Andy Tenant created this fairytale movie that every little girl dreams...
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