Sweatshirts to Sweatshops

Topics: Audience theory, Audience, Need Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: June 18, 2008
1. In the essay “Sweatshirts to Sweatshops,” many of the universal intellectual standards are violated. To begin with, the speaker talks about the “little girl…working hour after hour…trying not to collapse from the heat…” and that violates the fairness of the argument. He is trying to manipulate the audience by appealing to their emotional side. This argument is not based in factual evidence, and therefore, could be dismissed by the audience. There may not be a little girl in this exact situation described, and therefore, this statement is irrelevant. This could be corrected by leaving the entire story of the “little girl” out, or an interview of a child that works in the factory could be conducted giving a first-hand look into the conditions of the workplace. The essay also has an error in accuracy. The speaker uses a report done by the “WorldWeave Foundation” and the audience may never have heard of this foundation. Many “facts” are stated in the paragraph about this report, yet there is no way for the audience to check these “facts. No websites or articles are cited in order for the audience to verify the speakers statements, so these statements cannot be perceived as facts just because the speaker says they are. This could be corrected by including the document spoken of in the essay or citing the document and giving instructions on how to access it. Another error in accuracy is when the speaker states that “observers noticed some children who appeared to be as young as eleven or twelve…” because it uses the word ‘appeared.’ This word does not give to factual evidence. We have no proof that these people the speaker refers to were actually eleven or twelve. This could be resolved by leaving this statement out or even getting proof from the workers of their ages. Verification is needed in this instance. Another violation in universal intellectual standards is a violation in breadth. Although the speaker is calling for a boycott of the sweatshirts made by...
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