Sweat Shops in Bangladesh

Topics: Law, Human rights, Third World Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: October 28, 2009
Price Of A Cheap Suit

In our current Globalized economy, large US retailers have the access to exploit offshore cheap labor in order to get apparel to the racks of their stores. ‘The Price of A Cheap Suit’ is an article about the sweatshop conditions in third world companies such as Bangladesh where basic worker right conditions are not respected. Large apparel companies do not want to be associated with offshore suppliers that violate basic human rights due to immense pressure from consumers and Non profit Organizations. An example given in the article states that “Shares of Inc tumbled through the late 1990s as a stream of reports emerged about poor working conditions at Nike Supplier factories in China and Vietnam”. This resulted in college students to boycott Nike goods. In the fast paced world of fashion, retailers cannot afford to tarnish their reputation with increasing competitions; therefore large companies spend millions of dollars to address sweatshop issues. This article explores the difficulties standing in their way of effective monitoring and the implementation of the codes of conduct placed under sweatshop conditions. Poor conditions, long shifts, dreadful sanitary conditions, forced pregnancy tests (to avoid maternity pay), child labor are some of the unethical issues pertaining to the sweatshop problems. Nike and The Gap have been associated with such problems and have therefore been candid about addressing the situation but due to immense pressure from the consumers they have now become more involved in their corporate social responsibility. Since the expose of Nike and the Gap, efforts have been made to monitor offshore suppliers to make sure they comply with codes of conduct such as working conditions, inhumane behavior, child labor laws, health and safety regulations etc to pave the way for a much needed change. Unfortunately, it is not simple as making amends as factory owners have ‘stepped up their deceptions’. Living conditions in...
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