“Sweat” by Zoe Neale Hurston

Topics: Snake, Good and evil, Fear Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: May 30, 2013

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. - Wayne Dyer . Whether you believe in karma or not in some cases it’s obvious that it does. Karma is when you are mean, self-serving things you do that will come back to get you, good or bad even if nobody witnesses them. In the short story “Sweat” by Zoe Neale Hurston, Delia Jones is a lonely figure of moral correctness in the face of evil, in this case, her husband Sykes, who represents the temptations she has been fighting in her battle against good and evil. Delia's interactions with the other characters and her surroundings allows to clearly see two main parts, one of survival between men and women and the other one of empowerment. Delia's ability to survive her everyday life and overcome all of the obstacles placed in front of her by Sykes, we can see Delia's ability to also maintain her pure nature and heart through dealing with the adversity, and displaying her empowerment which is ever growing throughout the story. Delia lives with her husband Sikes in which she is constantly, emotionally abused. All she ever does is take care of her job less husband by washing others people clothes and all she gets in return is name calling, scares and even threats from Sykes. More specifically, Delia's ability to survive her everyday life and overcome the obstacles set in her path by her husband Sykes. It is clear from Sykes first introduction into the story, that he is a terrorist and has made it his mission to inflict as much pain and fear in Delia as possible. For example, when Sykes through his heavy whip around her shoulders so that she would think it was a snake (pg141). Even when she asks him why, it is clear he just wishes to terrorize her to amuse himself, "'Course Ah knowed it! That's how come Ah done it'" (pg. 141). But, even though it appears as if Sykes is completely evil with no sort of sympathy, Delia finds strength and survives his hate and distain for her. Not only does Delia...
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