Swatch Website Analysis

Topics: Graphic design, Websites, Website Pages: 9 (2214 words) Published: October 26, 2011
DATE: March 29, 2011
TO: Kenny Barn
FROM: R&D Team
SUBJECT: Website analysis of Swatch and Rolex

As you have requested us to come up a website analysis of our competitors, we are proposing you this short report about the websites of Swatch and Rolex. The purpose of this investigation is collecting the data, examples and providing a way to follow from the competitor websites to prepare an efficient and effective website for your company. We hope that, by considering the positive and negative aspects of these websites, your company will create the most efficacious website which is suitable for our brand profile.

At the first stage, it is decided to analyze our main three competitors: Rolex for the luxury and timeless chic watch line, ToyWatch for the moderate level price and funny, fashionable watch line and at last but not least, Swatch for the relatively lower level price and funny, fashionable watch line. The reason for choosing these companies is that these three brands are perfect matches as competitors for our three main product lines. Yet, because of we have a limited time to do imply our website, we choose the two important companies to report among them: Swatch and Rolex. The reason to eliminate the ToyWatch is its similarity with Swatch and being a combination of all categories.

The criteria we used in this analysis mainly focus on;
the content which are purpose, audience, efficiency in reflection of company profile •the organization containing design, images, texts, layout, navigation and technical aspects of the site.

This criterion is created by grounding on;
“10 Principles of Effective Web Design” from Smashing Magazine •“Useful Tips for Effective Web Design” from •“20 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Web Design” from


Swatch Group is a Swiss based company producing fashionable, dynamic and relatively cheap watches since 1984 and they perform globally. You can see the detailed analysis of its website according to the criteria introduced you before.


In the content part, the message of the website provides to the target audience in a matched way their company profile are investigated.

Purpose of the Website:

The purpose is giving detailed information about their products, their specialties and making the products attractive for the potential costumers. They provide fairly enough information about their collections.


The target audience is “middle-income families” and generally “youth”.

The people who seek a career in the company are also their audience and they provide really good information for this people. They put a ‘Jobs’ part in the website and provide a very well information about their open positions and the necessities to apply these jobs. •Moreover, there is a ‘follow us’ part in the website and there are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links of the company. This is a very good strategy to see their potential customers who are young people.

Brand Image and Culture Reflection:

The effect of the website in reflection of the companies’ culture and philosophy is listed as;

The content and the format of the web page are giving their colorful products prominence. •Also, we can easily understand that they give importance art, fashion and sport in their watches and by putting a bigger part for these kind of products rather than the others, they show this message to the world.

In the organization part, visual and technical aspects of the website attracting the attention and providing the aim of the website are examined according to the criteria.


The most important points about design are as following:

The web page’s background color is white and the other parts of the site are very colorful. By doing this they feature their colorful design of the watches. •Graphics and flash scripts have an elegant design but they do...
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