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Topics: Bass Pro Shops, Springfield, Missouri, Retailing Pages: 4 (1407 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In 1971 Johnny Morris, the founder of Bass Pro Shops, was frustrated with the lack of fishing tackle stores in his local community of Springfield Missouri. Jonny took it upon himself to scour the country in search of a variety of fishing tackle to bring back to his hometown in order to provide a much larger selection to the town. Setting up in an eight foot pace of his fathers liquor store Johnny’s new business venture quickly grew in popularity with both the local patron as well as the out-of –state fisherman that were passing through on their way to fish the famous bass fishing lakes of the Ozark’s. When the out of state customers would get home they would sometimes phone Jonny and ask for him to send them some of his special tackle. With this newfound popularity and method of sales in 1974 Johnny put together and mailed out his first Bass Pro Shops catalog. By 1978 Johnny say a need and introduced the first professionally rigged boat, motor, and trailer that was a fish-ready package. Johnny Morris saw a need and filled it, today Bass Pro Shops is not just fishing. It’s now known as one of the leading retailers in all that is outdoors. Bass Pro Shop has retail stores across the United States and Canada serving over 75 million sportsmen and women every year. Each store is unique and offers an unforgettable shopping experience. Bass Pro Shops boast about “being as close to the Great Outdoors as you can get indoors!” (Bass Pro, 2006) Bass Pro Shops organizational strength and weaknesses are as follows. Organizational strength number one is Bass Pro Shops focus on interaction with its customers. The company recognizes that its customers don’t make purchases out of need but rather out of wants. It uses its interactions with the customers to build up relationships that the customers remember and enjoy. Customers are greeted when they come in the door. Bass Pro takes the interactions one step further by having all of its employees talk to the...
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