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My Ideal Husband
My Ideal Husband

Brooke Hammond
Soc. 110
My Qualities
* People person going up to people and just befriending them * Outgoing all the time
* Funny about doing spontaneous things
* Understanding about situations and how to communicate
* Loving
* Compassionate towards people’s feelings
* Good communicator
* Fun being creative
* Honest
* Faithful until the end no way around it
* Good with kids
* Family oriented, putting family first in everything
* Motivated to get things done, most of the time!

Ideal Husband Qualities
* Handsome with nice abs
* Nice to everyone
* Gentleman pull out my chair, opens my door
* Loves to cook and bake fun and new things
* Brave and daring to do anything and be goofy about it
* Romantic and creative about the ideas
* Funny and makes everyone laugh when I’m in a downer and mad mood * Makes me smile at any situation
* Great with kids, loving and goofy. I don’t care if he has to act like an idiot while doing it * Wants a family to provide for and love
* Return missionary applying the things he learned on his mission with the me and the family * Supports me when I make a decision
* Hardworking, puts a 110% in everything he does
* Spiritual, wants to read and ponder the scriptures, and prays with me * Puts God first in every decision making no matter how tough the situation is * Optimistic, just being happy when in a bad situation

* Surprises me by canceling everything I have that day and taking me somewhere or gets me flowers * A full tithe payer
* Mature in decision making
* Honest about everything even when we both know it’ll be hard * Caring, wants to love me and just be there for me in anything, a friendship based relationship * Knows how to handle bad situations

* Makes me want to be a better person
* Respectful
* Good communication skills
* Smart not only in book smart but common sense smart

My Bad Qualities
* Procrastinator about getting things done
* Says things at the wrong time
* Forgetful about calling people or going to the store
* Irresponsible not getting things done, putting things off * Ignorant being lazy about wants to understand or work harder * Immature not knowing when I’m have too much fun
* Doesn’t take the faults or acknowledge I’m in the wrong * Grumpy about little things
* Thinks too much
* Inconsiderate towards people’s feelings, not putting myself in their shoes. My Ideal Husbands Bad Qualities
* Doesn’t like the same hobbies
* Obnoxious at times
* Unreliable about little things
* Cocky about how good he looks
* Selfish not putting me into consideration
* Prideful, putting himself first
* Whines about not everything but some things
* Forgetful about little things
* Swears sometimes, but at funny or bad situations

I. Introduction
II. Searching
A. Description- Always loved brown hair and brown eyes with tan skin B. Breadth- Athletic, smart, spiritual, responsible, loves to cook C. Self-Revelation- Go out and see places, degree
III. Marriage Life
A. Intimacy- Sends me flowers, surprises me, and takes me on crazy adventures B. Responsible- work, studying for school, budgeting for future activities C. Ludus love- keep them guessing
D. Storge love- we are the best of friends example for children E. Agape love- Christ like will be there for me and support me F. Mature love- compassionate love, trustworthy and stable, caring, kind, and someone you actually like (as compared to someone I have a crush on) G. Expert power relationship where he’s good at cars and I’m good at cooking H. Positive conflict- helps to bring out and clarity differences using Accommodating: let’s try to find a harmonious solution and collaborating let’s work to benefit us both and...
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