Swagg City

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Chapter 1, Page 11“…so the boys came before the probate judge on charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, assault and battery, and using abusive and profane language in the presence and hearing of a female. The judge asked Mr. Connor why he included the last charge; Mr. Connor said they cussed so loud he was sure every lady in. The judge decided to send the boys to the state industrial school, where boys were sometimes sent for no other reason than to provide them with food and decent shelter: it was no prison and it was no disgrace. Mr. Radley thought it was. If the judge released Arthur, Mr. Radley would see to it that Arthur gave no further trouble. Knowing that Mr. Radley’s word was his bond, the judge was glad to do so.| * Jem and Dill(of the future) are reminiscing about the “accident.” They considered a couple options but thought about Dill and the Radleys. This quote is giving you some back ground about the incident. * This is an interesting piece of text because it gives you some history on a very important character. I like it because it puts some mystery into the story at the first chapter. What is so significant about the accident? How were the Radleys involved? It gives you some introduction into the plot of the story. It says “Mr. Radley would see to it that Arthur gave no further trouble.” That text is interesting because it makes you think of the type of man Mr. Radley is and what Arthur did. * I haven’t been to court before, but I can relate in a way to Arthur and his parents. There’s always times when a teacher wants me to turn in an assignment badly, they may contact my parents, knowing they will take control of the situation. Than my parents get mad and make sure I get the assignment done.I * I like the use of foreshadowing used in the text. When it talks about the history of the Radleys, it gives you a question about why it is significant to the story. But if you read you will see they are an...
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