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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Minority group status- treated differently from dominant group *woman considered a minority group
*has nothing to do with numbers
4 characteristics
ascribed status- born into it , have no control over it
Treated differently based on ascribed characteristics
U develop a self identity based on membership in this group
we develop an awareness of a shared identity.

Ethnicity- voluntary, fluid and multiple, cultural differences, not physical appearance.

Race- a group of people that share a number of
characteristics, (physical difference) (ex: Caucasian) sociologist say race is socialy constructed.

Integrating minority groups- 2 basics

Melting Pot- the mixture of cultures , adapting to the apropriate culture.

Cultural Pluralism- you can come to the us folw everything, but keep ur culture, way of living. Keep cultural practices.(ex; Amish, Muslims in Dearborn Michigan)

Process of Integration of minority groups

Segregation- separate

2 forms De jure - by law

2. De facto- the fact we have segragation still today not controlled by law

Accommodation - When a minority group comes in contact with a dominate group nows everything about them but, still stay culturally distinct (cubans in lil havanna, amish)

Acculturation - is when the minpority group act like the dominant group, but not flly embrassed by dominant group.

Assimilation - adopt culture by dominant group, and excepted by the the dominant group

Amalgamation- self integrated, cant tell them apart (interracial - all start looking the same )

Barriers to integration-

Prejudice- thoughts against a minority to view others in disgust
Discrimination- acts against a minority group, to make fun of, or hate on
Institutional racism- institutional discrimination
Native Americans
African Americans
Puerto Ricans