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  • Published : November 4, 2005
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Controversy has centered upon what traits comprise effective leadership. There are many definitions and models of good leadership. Although they differ, sometimes to a large extent, some similarities can be isolated. The purpose of this paper is to identify common denominators of successful leadership in order to formulate an effective personal leadership style. First, a vision must be created. Vision is a powerful force. According to Christopher B. Galvin, Chairman and CEO of Motorola, Inc., "The people you lead want to know where they are going. You need to communicate a vision that is clear, credible, challenging and worth the effort." You must have a destination in mind and a well developed plan to get there. Furthermore, a good leader demonstrates a passionate commitment to the vision. In addition, goals must be considered worthwhile in order to inspire followers. They must satisfy a need. They should answer the question: "What does the world want?" An effective vision often is based upon satisfying specialized needs, thereby providing a worthwhile service. The strategic approach for must be well devised, planned to accommodate needed change, and clearly communicated.

of a vision environment conducive to accomplishment of this vision. Such an environment must be based on principles of humility, selflessness, altruism and integrity. Create a culture based on mutual respect and caring. Exhibit behavior that reflects the principles of the culture you wish to create. Consistently evidence a firm belief in these principles and values. Carefully select key people that share your vision and your values. It is also important to select associates with talents and knowledge that compliment your skills. "Surround yourself with good people who balance out your weaknesses with their strengths." Thomas Frist, MD as quoted in Leadership Secrets of the World's most Successful CEOs Eric Yaverbaum Dearborn Trade Publishing...
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