Svq 2 218.1

Topics: Toilet, The Residents, Hygiene Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Mr. A is a resident in a nursing home. He is very much in the early stages of his dementia with only slight confusion with regards to time and place. Mr. A has some mobility problems and for the most part uses his wheelchair to get from A to B, but uses a zimmer with the assistance from one or two carers to transfer from his chair to his toilet; this is reflected in his care plan. Mr A also where’s a continence aid to preserve his dignity when attempting to get to the toilet, the resident knows his own body and is still able to inform staff when in need of assistance with toileting and personal care.

Mr.A's needs are clearly expressed in his care plan, where all staff can easily identify specific needs such as, minimum numbers of staff required to assist resident with personal care needs, type of aids required to assist staff and resident with personal care needs and residents ability to comprehend reasons for needing his particular level of assistance. This information is gathered from the resident, his family, social work department and other medical/care providers, and is updated on a regular basis through a process of on-going assessment and evaluation. The care plans are kept in a lockable filing cabinet which can be found in a central location known to all relevant members of staff, the care plans are kept safe this way and so to is the information regarding the resident within it. This complies with policy on confidentiality which is borne, in parts from the Data protection act of 1998. house is a 30 bed dementia unit set within the main home. Within there are 3 distinct units, each with 10 en-suite toilet/shower rooms, there are only communal toileting facilities located in one of the units as well as the 2 bathrooms located in the main corridor, the majority of residents are assisted with toileting in their own toilet in their own room. This is explained fully to all prospective residents and their families during the admission process, so that...
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