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Topic 1 – bonus task

The Corning “A Day Made of Glass” video describes the various applications of smart glass technology and their integration into future daily lives (the movie is apparently taking place in 2020).

Below are some of the types of glass presented in the movie and their impacts on people and industries (I did not list all the glass types as some of them are similar in function):

1. Handheld display glass: will affect all electronic consumer displays - phones, tablets, mobile computers - these can be made lighter, transparent or semitransparent and with fewer functional dead zones (i.e. screen edges, fixed buttons).

2. Electrochromic glass, Architectural display glass, wall format display glass and work surface display glass: should have a vast impact on the construction and architectural design industries, future buildings can have entire walls made transparent (or opaque, depending on the users choice).

Since each of these surfaces can display and respond to the user’s touch this can take whole concept of smart housing to a completely new level, for example - rooms that have custom controls (for Aircon, heat, lightning etc.) on any wall, walls or ceilings that can be used as vast TV screens, furthermore, if the above glass types can provide a 3D experience (i.e the 3D optimized glass and 3D TV display glass), then it has the potential to turn an entire room into a fully immersive virtual reality simulation.

The application of the same technologies to the work space will also undoubtedly change the office space environment as whole table spaces and wall spaces can be used as work surfaces.

3. Automotive display glass – will certainly change the car manufacturing and design industries although, if I understand the main feature of the technology correctly (the ability to create smart glass with curved surfaces) then the automotive industry will only be one of many industries that will utilize it, another...

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