Suzuki Method

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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About Shinichi Suzuki
Suzuki was born on October 17, 1898 in Nagoya Japan. Son of violin maker Suzuki attended Nagoya Commercial Arts School, because his dad wanted him to take over the violin factory. After High School Suzuki bought a violin and began learning to play. Every teacher he had was impressed at the amount he could teach himself. When Suzuki began teaching he believed that young children could learn music just like they learned to walk and talk. He believed that as long as children had loving parents and teachers to guide them all children could learn music. Suzuki spent many years working on this system and he even composed works, such as Twinkle variations, Allegro and Etude. On January 26, 1998 Shinichi Suzuki died at the age of 99 About the Method

The Suzuki method or as Suzuki himself called it “Talent Education” is the method of teaching young children music with the same process used for teaching children how to walk and talk. The beginning steps of the Suzuki Method focuses on having the student learn music by ear instead of reading musical notation. Similar to when a child is learning to talk and read. The child is taught to speak first and once the child has grasped the concept of speaking, the process of learning how to read begins. The use only encourages individual playing but public performance and playing in groups. This exposure to playing in front of others at an early age makes performance and playing more natural and enjoyable. This method also discourages any competitive attitudes between players and encourages young players to work together and help others to improve in ability. The music usually used with the Suzuki method is standardized and carefully sequenced so that each piece prepares the student for the next skill to be learned. Also for the Suzuki method to work there must be active parent involvement. Rather than having the student go off by their self when practicing at home. The parents should be there to help and...
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