Sutradhar in Ghasiram Kotwal

Topics: Ghashiram Kotwal, Vijay Tendulkar, Jabbar Patel Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: December 3, 2010
The Sutradhar in the play Ghasiram Kotwal has been used as much more than a conventional observer and reporter of facts. Vijay Tendulkar has used the Sutradhar as a theatrical device.Sometimes,the omniscient Sutradhar simply communicates facts to the audience.At other times, he blends into the play as he takes on various transient characters.He makes significant comments at all crucial occurances in the play and also plays an important role as he subtly suggests the incidents that are to follow, with his meaningful remarks ,songs and enchantments.

Vijay Tendulkar has given the Sutradhar the liberty to become a part of the story and detach himself wherever he wishes. In the beginning of Act One,the Sutradhar exhibits quick-wit when he notices a Brahman sneaking off the stage slyly.He suddenly stops him and engages him into a tricky conversation which leads to the Brahman admitting that he's going to Bavannakhani to watch girls dancing and singing.When the Brahman says that he is going to the graveyard, Sutradhar says he wants to come along as he needs wood for his stove.When the Brahman tries to evade the Sutradhar by saying there are genies in the graveyard,he cleverly retorts by saying he needs four genies to fill a bottle.This conversation adds comic relief to the tragedy.

Another conversation with a Brahman further establishes the Sutradhar as a meddlesome , inquisitive, cunning yet good humoured character.Even though he is aware of the whereabouts of the Brahmans,he deliberately keeps attacking them with questions so they spill out the truth themselves. The Sutradhar's questions also establish that the Brahmans are supposed to follow a certain code of conduct , which they regularly violate.Also, these questions' answers underline the fact that that Brahmans use as excuses, their religious obligations-such as going to the temple,or the cemetery or attending Kirtan to mask their own nefarious activities .

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