Sutherlin Mansion

Topics: Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, American Civil War Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Many historic events took place in the southern states during the time of the Civil War. Virginia and North Carolina hold many significant sites that served importantly during the war, mostly to the benefit of the Confederate troops. Out of the many historic sites, comes the Sutherland mansion. Also known as the “Last Capitol of the Confederate States of America,” it has since been turned into a museum displaying interesting information on the significance of the mansion and it’s relation to the Civil War. Many people visit each year drawn in by the captivating view. It’s a well-respected estate that is regularly maintained and has a welcoming, old-fashioned vibe that increasingly attracts people towards it. “Visitors come to walk through Danville's piece of history, like Donald and Anita Chateau, who came all the way from California to take the audio guided tour. They take in the museum's collection of cannon balls, muzzles, surgical instruments, and a tattered battlefield rebel flag.” (Henshaw, 2010)

The Sutherland mansion is a very large antique style house that is crème in color. The shape and design of the doors are very intriguing, as well as the spectacular woodwork inside and out. Everything in and around the mansion is perfectly built and proportioned. On the inside, the stairs reflect a great amount of beauty onto the elegant framing and design inside the mansion. It’s filled with many artifacts collected from the war, also. Even though it’s large, it still has a warm and relaxing feel. The Sutherland mansion’s design shows its historical significance by the care put into it to preserve the important part of history it’s in correlation to. It’s well maintained and very stunning to view. It would produce some very professional grade photographs, in my opinion, for any photographers traveling around that area. “When completed in 1859, the beautiful Sutherlin Mansion was regarded as the most impressive, in Danville. It was the home of William T....
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