Sustaining Employee Performance

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Sustaining Employee Performance
HRM/300 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
March 18, 2013

Sustaining Employee Performance
Baderman Island has been dedicated to providing guests and visitors with unique and great experiences since opening to the public in 2004. “The Board of Directors and operational leaders in the organization, empowers its staff to offer unsurpassed quality of customer service, through individual acts of random kindness and specialty services” (University of Phoenix, 2012). Exceptional customer service is a top priority of the management and staff at Baderman Island. The resort offers numerous accommodations at prices that are affordable for every budget. Each individual position within this company adds value to the organization as a whole. Of particular interest the visitor center supervisor and wait staff have important duties to customers and the organization. The visitor center supervisor reports to the General Manager of recreation and activities and is responsible overseeing the daily functions of the visitor center. In addition to daily functions the supervisor must manage all staff members within the visitor center. In conjunction with the general manager the supervisor works of profitability and growth for the organization. The general manager of food services is responsible of the wait staff at all restaurants within the resort. Wait staff are essential employees in ensuring visitors and guests have great experiences in restaurants which will keep them coming back. With such vital roles in the success of the organization it is important to have a performance management system in place. In addition to competitive compensation and benefit plans; establishing a performance management system that efficiently evaluates each job is beneficial to a company. General Function of Performance Management Systems

Boardman Management group manages resort with a mission statement to provide a unique and quality experience for their guests. In an effort to ensure that all employees provide service to their guests aligned with this mission it is critical to implement a performance management system to measure employee skills in providing a unique and quality experience to their guests. By implementing the function of performance management systems each employee will be objectively rated on their job performance that aligns with the overall mission. When guests first enter a Boardman Management group resort their first impression is given by the visitor center. As a supervisor of the staff that gives the first impression performance management systems need to focus on the customer service provided by the staff. If there is not a performance management system there will not be accountability to the supervisor of the staff providing the initial impression for the guests. To implement a performance management function there will be a survey given to guests upon their departure with one of the questions focused on their initial impression how they were greeted when they arrived. These surveys will be used to measure the performance of the supervisor in charge of staff of the visitor center. After the guests have arrived there needs to be a focus on quality customer service throughout the stay. When guests dine at the resort the wait staff needs to provide first class service ensuring the guests stay on site for their meals rather than leaving the resort to dine at establishments outside of the resort. To ensure that the guests have a positive experience while dining in the resort performance management systems need to be implemented measuring the performance of the wait staff. As a way to measure, the resort will track and record who was the waiter for a specific party, and record if they return to the resort restaurants in proceeding days. Since there are other factors that could contribute to guests eating outside the resort the metrics need to be assessed looking at long term...
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