Sustainble Development

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Unit-6: Education for Environmental Sustainability
a) Meaning of sustainable development

- Concept of environmental sustainability

- Sustainable development from ecological perspective & biogeophysical perspective

- Situation analysis: forest cover and conservation, bio-diversity, natural parts & wild life sanctuaries, availability of potable water, toilet & sanitary facilities

- Unplanned urbanization

- Progress in goal 7 of the UN Millennium
Development Goals

- Role of education in ensuring environmental

Concept of Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental sustainability is a concept that used to make people concerned about saving environment and natural resources. Main theme of this concept is that we will use our natural resources properly and will not waste them so that the next generation can get enough resources for their living.

Former secretary of United Nations Kofi Anan said, “Sustainable development is a development which provides more neutral economic progress that preserves natural resources for the further world generation and improve the quality of life.”

According to Thessaloniki International Conference it is said that Sustainable development can be achieved through three things. They are:


Sustainable Development from Ecological perspective:

Every living creature is related to the environment. In which sector of knowledge this relation is discussed is called Ecology. According to ecology a food chain is maintained among all the creatures which is named Ecosystem. Maintaining this ecosystem is very much important for the living of all the creatures of the world. The naturally occurring changes of this ecosystem cause ecological imbalance that is harmful for these creatures.

So we can say, maintaining ecosystem is really very important for our existence. To maintain this ecosystem we will have to stop the changes of our environment. That means, we will have to protect our natural resources. That is why we will have to utilize the concept of Sustainable Development.

To utilize this concept at first we will have to know about the affect of the improper use of natural resources in our lives. We will have to be concerned about saving our environment. We will have to recycle the natural resources. We will have to make research for maintaining the ecosystem.

The best known ecosystem development is that of E P Odum (1969). He proposed that ecosystems conserve nutrients by promoting internal recycling.

Odum’s hypothesis was challenged by P M Vitousek and W A Reiners in 1975 & by F H Borman and G E Likens in 1979. They pointed to an alternative hypothesis. In contrast to the former viewpoint, this hypothesis envisages nutrient leakage from the system, that is the excess of outputs over 4pputs, as being greater at maturity than in mid-successional stages.

That means, to save our ecosystem we will have to eradicate man-induced disturbance in ecosystem and utilize Sustainable Development worldwide.

Sustainable Development from Biogeophysical perspective:

Much of the current salience of concepts of sustainability has come from a wide-ranging international discussion about sustainable development, which has been defined variously as, for example: • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (WCED 1987) • Improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems (IUCN 1991) •...
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