Sustainable Urban Mobility

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In this day and age we see our society, and with it the sphere of individual mobility, confronted by growing challenges. More and more factors are influencing the implications of individual and corporate action. From now on to year 2020, the world is in a state of environmental, economic and social upheaval. But which changes should we be focusing our attention on and how can BMW respond to them? * Climate change and global warming

Climate change and the global warming that comes with it are facts. In order to slow down climate change and possibly even halt it, the most important challenge is therefore to reduce CO2 emissions significantly and quickly. Possible ways of doing this include a switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, as well as increasing the efficiency of all energy consumption. * Growing scarcity of resources

In addition to the changes in our climate, the entire planet is affected most of all by the looming shortage of resources. One of the causes of dwindling resources lies in the increasing industrialization of the emerging nations, as well as population growth, rising living standards and the irresponsible use of raw materials. The upshot: prices are rising in almost every commodity sector. In the foreseeable future – the exact point in time is disputed – the maximum global limit of oil extraction will be reached. * Sustainability as a social trend

Because of the dramatic escalation of climatic developments and dwindling resources, mankind is becoming ever more aware of its role in the ecological system. However, “sustainable” means more than just “environmentally friendly”. Environmental sustainability describes the goal of preserving nature and the environment for future generations. Economic sustainability requires economic behavior that offers a robust and lasting foundation for commerce, employment and prosperity. Social sustainability means the development of society to ensure the involvement of every member of a community. * Increasing urbanization – cities require new solutions for mobility A further observable trend is increasing urbanization. More and more people are moving from the country to the city, villages are evolving into towns, the boundaries between town and country are breaking down and large conurbations are being created. One particular side effect of urbanization is the emergence of so-called “megacities”. “Megacity” is used to describe cities with at least 8 million inhabitants. While these cities are growing ever faster, so also are challenges such as overcrowding and pollution.

What BMW should do? –BMW’s next level strategy
Future Mobility requires a new balance between global requirements and individual needs. What is needed are new solutions for personal mobility in urban areas. They should be recognizably sustainable and, as far as possible, unencumbered by restrictions, while at the same time offering the possibility of differentiation. In all this, the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions will become increasingly important. The BMW should recognize these needs and set itself the goal of making zero-emission mobility possible. With that in mind, by 2020, the BMW should have re-balanced between future mobility vehicles and traditional vehicles, providing sustainable urban mobility. Efficient-Dynamics should be the main strategy that the BMW holds on their way to achieve future sustainable mobility rebalancing. Currently, besides traditional dynamics, the BMW is developing Hydrogen, Active Hybrid, E-mobility and BMW I series. In the medium long term (2020-2050), E-mobility is one possible way of meeting future demand for personal mobility. Since E-mobility involves electric current rather than fuel being converted into propulsion. On the one hand, electric vehicles contribute in this way to reducing emissions and improving the quality of...
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