Sustainable Supply Chain

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‘Sustainability: Achieving customer satisfaction’
Integrated knowledge in supply chain

Knowledge transferability and its effectiveness are seen as crucial elements for honing communication between supply chains partners deemed necessary for knowledge dissemination. This communication can in turn render the partners to operate according to the aspirations of the company and bore fruits. Companies possessing the ability to ensure effective transfer of knowledge are making strides by producing innovation, reducing costs and improving quality and customer satisfaction (kamara et al; 2002, Love., 2003). Perhaps it can be posited that knowledge management itself assists in provision of a collaborative environment where supply chain partners are able to minimize their wasteful activities, improve productivity and efficiency (Tayyab, Andrew and Derek, 2003). Most important thing to ponder here is the function of knowledge management in companies operating through technology. Like construction companies, IT companies and electronic companies need to cooperate and collaborate at every level of supply chain to ensure information flows that can help them outpace their rivals by gaining ascendancy over resources. Likewise Hafez et al, cited that KM companies do realize the benefits of information sharing and the perceived advantages outweigh the perceived disadvantages. This realization is forming a basis for acceptance and practice of knowledge transfer among supply chain partners. That is again well espoused by the benefits embedded within the process of using KM in SC as delineated by various researchers. Hence these aforementioned practices can improve communications (Freeland, 1991), reduced costs (Ansari and Modaress, 1990) and improve supplier reliability (Carr and Pearson, 1999). It ultimately led a gliding way for attainment of improved operational performance in manufacturing organizations (Chapman and Carter, 1990; Akinc, 1993; Lawrence and Hottenstein, 1995;...
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