Sustainable Shoe Design in South Africa

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Sustainable Shoe Design for South Africa


The Sustainable Shoe Development literature review is based on a self-motivated research brief given to the third year students doing Graphic Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The Sustainable Shoe Development assignment started at first through online research done on the self-chosen topic. The reason background research was done is to merely discover what measures and programs have been taken to create sustainable shoes for people to wear. The environment is of great concern to scientists across the worlds that have studied through research in their field of the harmful effects various substances can cause to the environment. Shoes contain harmful chemicals, which affect the environment vastly. Through my research done by conducting surveys, journals, books and other internet sources, I have discovered that there are policies put into place by leaders of Sustainable Shoe Development such as Puma, Nike and New Balance and shoes created by these companies which are environmentally friendly. Many are making the change across the globe to sustainable footwear, and South Africa and other countries are following in this direction as well. This literature review is conducted through research done through investigations by world leaders, which I explain in detail in the findings section. Most research and studies are done through the Internet these days, as well as journals. I have also proposed my own shoe design based on vast research I have found through online journals, surveys, videos and book sources. The productions of sustainable shoes are vital which are also explained in the findings and analysis section. This review contains a balanced view of both internationally and locally made sustainable shoes. There is a gap concerning the way United States of America has taken measures to protect the environment by proposing alternative shoe sources. Advanced measures are yet to be undertaken in South Africa for development of sustainable shoes.

1. Introduction
The subject of this proposal is the research of Sustainable Shoe Development internationally as well as in South Africa. Sustainable Shoe Development is rapidly becoming a movement across the world. Sustainable Shoe Development is a revolutionary eco-friendly movement and way of thinking for the future because the state of the environment is of great concern to scientists, thinkers and shoe firms across the world. Graphic Designers also have a huge role to play in the future of sustainability as global warming is occurring through various factors caused by mankind through pollution of the environment, which is affecting us now, and will ultimately affect global citizens of the future. My proposed shoe design is an intervention for South African athletes to wear sustainable running footwear when training, or in competitive sports. Also it is encouraged for people to wear sustainable shoes daily as a practice. Nike, Puma, and New Balance are leaders of Sustainable Shoe Development. It is merely wearing, designing and creating sustainable footwear, which would comply with eco-environmental laws and ultimately shift the thinking of people across the world, including South Africa. I have gathered research from across the world, which I found in journals, books, field research and the Internet all based on what is currently taking place regarding the Sustainable Shoe Development movement. My research looks at what is currently taking place in South Africa regarding this trend, as well as the overseas shoe market.

The environment is definitely of great concern to many across the world as leading shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma are creating eco-friendly policies, thus agreeing with the notion that pollution through toxic chemicals and inks in shoes can cause harm to the environment. The other cause is the mass consumption of shoes. There are solutions being implemented to curb...
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