Sustainable Management Futures

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Sustainable Management Futures
Applying appropriate frameworks that have been discussed in the module, undertake a sustainability analysis of an organisation of your choice.

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Suggested content:
1. Brief description of the company chosen (sector, location, etc.) and identification of main ‘sustainable’ features in your analysis. 2. Analysis of the context: Identify legislation, social, political and economic context of the countries (or the country) where the company operates, significant environmental aspects that the company needs to take into account in its activities (i.e. climate change, waste, energy, etc.). What are the main drivers (internal and external) for the company to adopt sustainable issues? Use relevant concepts and authors. 3. Description of the ‘sustainable’ aspects of the company. You may include the company’s report on social responsibility; environmental policy; company’s ethics; public relations, marketing, etc. Highlight the companies accreditations and certificates, e.g. the company has achieved ISO 14000; Ethical Award; Fortune most sustainable/responsible business; FTSE on social responsibility; The Observer Ethical Award, etc. 4. Identify benchmarks and good practice. You can enhance your analysis by including examples of good practice or benchmarks that can establish a comparative line with the performance of your company. It can be also the case that the company you use is in itself a case of good practice. 5. Analysis: Use relevant authors, references and frameworks for the analysis. You may include issues such as: What are the main effects produced by the company’s investment in sustainability (e.g. innovation; brand reputation; communities engagement; new markets, etc.) What are the main effects of the company not attending sustainable issues in its practice/strategy (e.g. legal costs, energy costs, regulation, reputation, etc.); Stakeholder analysis,...
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