Sustainable Development Contentious Issue

Topics: Renewable energy, World energy resources and consumption, Peak oil Pages: 9 (3508 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Sustainable Development Contentious Issue
“Sustainable Indicators”

Shekhar Naik
[Enrolment Number: P12210195]
De Montfort University

1. Introduction
Sustainability according to Brundtland Commission is ‘meeting needs of the present without compromising the future generation’s ability to meet their needs’ [5]. Human’s involvement with nature is increasing and it will be rather not possible to sustain sooner or later [6]. Human development in the future is at risk as the present activities are rendering the biosphere of inability to provide imperative services required for their welfare in the future. “Achieving Sustainable Development will require human beings to judiciously use the resources, technology, economic incentive and strategic planning at local and national level” [15] People are not reacting the way they need to for these emergencies and even today, most of the people and many countries think the same through a business perspectives and the ill founded policies are infuriating situations further [5]. When any of the technologies in regards with energy services are chosen, it is very much essential to take into account the economical, environmental and social aspect of the same. A feedback mechanism should be practiced which could help the policymakers to understand future needs more precisely. It is necessary for the policymakers to contemplate the effects of the usage of energy on human society, health, air, soil and water [15]. It is required on the part of policymakers to regularly keep a track on the effect of policies with respect to its intentions. At times when making decisions and framing policies, sustainable indicators always prove a useful tool to direct the policy makers to decide in regards with the energy system. It is necessary for the energy system to be sustainable in terms of its impact on the environment, economic and human growth along with progressive technology. Energy usage here needs to be consistent with true integration of citizens with stakeholders responsible for framing the system. Sustainable evaluations were earlier proposed by international institution which was further carried out on a national scale but regionally the same lags [8]. The following report will explain the dimensions to sustainability in terms of development. The Indicators will be aimed at people involved in framing policies, enterprises and common citizens. 2. Path towards Development

Agenda 2, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, was adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED: the Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. In the conference, future confrontations were discussed wherein energy was a very important issues been talked about. [8] Globalization needs to be given a more human character to curb down its rising negative impact. Energy security is deteriorating and is today met by imports. Several countries who were initially net exporters of energy are today net importers of the same. (Examples: China and Tunisia) Energy security does not mean increasing the number of suppliers but to effectively and safely consume the same with less of its impact on the environment [5]. Energy is indispensable for industrial and commercial growth along with this it does raise the living standards. It is thus a cardinal term when talking about economic, environmental and social progress. The current trend in terms of usage of energy is quite unsustainable. Most of the activities are directly dependent on energy generated through stocked resources. “Every method of generating energy will produce some amount of waste and involves huge risk” [8]. Energy production involves wrenching fossil fuels leading to degradation of land ultimately rendering them barren. 60% of the land masses are threatened by desertification [5]. This further down the road in future also possesses a threat to the environment and health of human beings. It was until the...
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