Sustainable Coffee Market

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A Sustainable Coffee Market
Project paper draft 1


Table of Contents

|Content |Page | |General Company Description |1.0- 1.4 | |Product and Services |2.0-2.6 | |Market Analysis Summary |3.0-3.5 | |Strategy and Implemntation Summary |4.0 | |Web Plan Summary |5.0-5.2 | |Operational Plan |6.0-6.4 | |Financial Plan |7.0-7.4 | |Conclusion |8.0 | |Reference List |9.0 |

Chapter 1 General Company Description

1.1 Company overview
Our company CoffeeTime will be established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This is due to the fact that the highest proportion of coffee consumption within Europe is in the Scandinavian countries, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; it would therefore be efficient to establish the company in Rotterdam. This allows for a relatively central base with strong ties to other European countries to import/export and transport the coffee.

As a company we would like to do business as sustainably and fairly as possible. Due to fair trade, we would like to help our suppliers by giving them the opportunity to produce at reasonable costs and also help ourselves by selling the coffee at reasonable prices. Fair trade also includes an educating sytem for our employees and people related to the company, such as coffeefarmers and even consumers. This system is used to prove that honest and good quality products do not need to be expensive. With this in mind there it can create a positive effect in our products which will be of benefit to everyone.

The coffee will be produced and exported from Brazil to the Netherlands. Brazil was chosen due to the fact it is one of the best places in the world where coffeebeans are produced in relatively environmentally friendly circumstances. Indonesia, India, Kenia, Liberia and Mexico were further alternatives for CoffeeTime. However Brazil was chosen as it is single-handedly responsible for about a third of all the coffee in the world, as it is world's largest coffee producer. Furthermore, there is already a Fairtrade policy applied in that area of South America by many companies, which is still ongoing and can be of benefit for the objectives of our own company. Another reason why it is attractive to do business in Brazil, is because of the logistics. Brazil has the largest port of all South America, named Port of Santos. From there on the coffee can be shipped easily to the biggest port in Europe, situated in Rotterdam where CoffeeTime have decided to establish the company. This can be seen as an advantage for both countries due to having innovation hubs.

CoffeeTime wants to produce and sell the most popular coffee known on the target market; The Arabica and Robusta. However, each one of those beans can be used to provide different flavours of coffee, depending on the several techniques that are used for making...
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