Sustainable Business Report

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Companies influenced by social sustainability have thrived due to the reoccurring needs of people, specifically their health. It has been made aware that a large percentage of the United Arab Emirates smoke Shisha, and although many believe it to be harmless because of their sweet flavours, it is a great deal worse for you than smoking cigarettes. In an attempt to lower the amount of Shisha- related illnesses and decrease the amount of carbon monoxide being released into the air, an idea has been created to start a business selling electronic and tobacco, tar and nicotine free Shisha pipes to the public. In addition, this report will explain the organisational structure, the goals and the legal structure of the business and show the requirement for such a business in the UAE.

Background/ Method

In order to get the publics views on this idea, primary research was carried out through the form of a survey (see Appendix). Created online, as it is most time efficient and accurate way of collecting data, the link to the survey was then posted on Facebook for anyone in Dubai who wants to, has done, or currently does smoke Shisha, to partake in, including a variety of genders and ages. However, it was mainly focused on 20 to 35 year olds as they are the most common consumers of Shisha (Cancer Research UK, 2012). As this initiative is applicable to all genders and most ages, the targeted audience wasn't very specific however, they did have to reside in Dubai. This survey was used to find out if people would smoke electronic Shisha if it was easily available to them.

As shown in the graphs above taken from the survey questions (see Appendix), it is apparent that a high percentage of people smoke Shisha regularly and are willing to at least try electronic Shisha in an attempt to smoke as often as they do but without the same consequences to their health.

Health risks caused by smoking Shisha:

Although many believe Shisha to be harmless, it is just as, if not more, harmful than cigarettes, as one usually smokes Shisha for a longer, more constant period of time, they inhale and absorb more of the carcinogens also found in cigarette smoke (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1994). Smoking Shisha for an hour is the equivalent of smoking 100- 200 cigarettes and have the same health risks that cigarettes have (Cancer Research UK, 2012).Thus causing similar smoking- related illnesses such as; oral, lung, and stomach cancer, cancer in the oesophagus, contracted lung function and decreased fertility (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1994).

Pro's and Cons of electronic Shisha:

It produces no smoke when exhaling therefore there is no second- hand smoke affecting the people around you. Also making it able to be smoked indoors as well as outside (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)
When smoking electronic Shisha, one needs to be in short distance from a plug socket, making it less portable than regular Shisha pipes (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)
Healthier than regular Shisha as it produces no tar, no carbon monoxide and has very little nicotine (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)
The electronic Shisha pipe is more expensive (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)
Makes no mess, and easier to clean (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)

Better for the environment as it doesn't release smoke into the air (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)

You save money on the coals and flavour (between 600-1000 puffs from one cartridge of flavour) (naeemebrahimjee, 2012)

The secondary research focused on the health risks of smoking regular Shisha, as the health related illnesses caused by regular Shisha are the reason electronic Shisha is required. This research was mainly collected from cancer and...
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