Sustainable and Ecotourism

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Current economic issues and theory

Sustainable and Ecotourism


Tourism is one of the foremost economic activities around the world. It growth has been one of the major economic and social phenomena of the twentieth century. Tourism has expanded dramatically over the last years and has become a global industry. We can define tourism as the "movement of people, spatially and temporally, out of their own communities for leisure and business purposes". According to the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) tourist is a "visitor staying for more than 24 hours in a country visited for business or leisure purposes". The term tourism is an umbrella for all relationships and phenomena associated with people who are travelling, whatever the reason. It has no clear boundaries and could be viewed as an industry itself. In my work I would like to show the relationship between the tourism and environment. For the tourism service providers the most important is to grow the industry itself and attract more visitors to destinations. Their main purpose is to gain more and more profit. I think that these type of thinking can be harmful for environment. Tourism and tourist can effect negatively the environment therefore we can talk about a form of tourism which is unsastainable. In this essay I will concern this issue too but my main topic is the sustainability. Fortunately in last years people recognised the importance of the environment and nowadays they are taking this issue seriously. The tourism has negative but also positive impact on the environment therefore we can talk about a sustainable tourism. In the following I deal with this issue more detailed and I try to find the answer how popular it is among tourists or tour operators.

Unsustainable tourism

As I mentioned tourism is now among the world’s most relevant industries generating jobs for millions of people and profit all over the world. At the same time tourism can have dire effects on the people and places it embraces. Mainly the mass toursim has negative effects. What can be the worst effects of unmanaged, unsustainable tourism? - previously undeveloped coastal villages can become sprawling, charmless towns o their seas poisoned by sewage

o their beaches stained with litter 
- historic towns and their streets choked with traffic
- some of the world’s richest environments bruised by the tourist onslaught - distinctive wildlife driven to near-extinction
- changes in the landscape coming from the construction of infrastructure, buildings and facilities - air pollution and waste
- the intensive use of water and land by tourism and leisure facilities - the disturbance of fauna and local people (for example, by noise)

We can write many pros and cons of tourism. I think the worst effect of unsustainable tourism is when only the financial profit come into the strong focus. Becuse tourism makes a few people extremely rich, while impoverishing the majority, who lose their land, their resources and their sense of self. Tourism is not just about money, it should give benefits for tourist and local communities too. The main goals of tourism should include: the satisfaction of tourists, profit for tourism industry, wealth to local people. Changes in the landscape coming from the construction of infrastructure, buildings and facilities is one of the disadvantage of sustainable tourism but this can also benefit to local communities. I think the cooperation between the tourism industry providers (relevant ministries, government, management) and local organizations and communities can mitigate the negative effects.

Sustainable Tourism


Sustainable Tourism involves social responsibility, a strong commitment to nature and the integration of local people in any tourist operation or development. Sustainable tourism has several definitions....
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