Sustainability of Vw

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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The sustainability of Volkswagen

This Text will deal with any kind of sustainable projects, processes and development of the Volkswagen AG. Therefore we will take a closer look at the methods and the resources of the production process, as well as the product itself. First of all I would like briefly introduce the Volkswagen AG, though. The Volkswagen AG was found on the 28.05.1937, since that day VW belonged to the leading automobile companies. Today, VW is the biggest automobile producer in Europe and the second biggest of the world. Over time many new sub companies were found, like Porsche, Bugatti or Skoda is one. When we talk about sustainable projects we will have to consider a project called the “Think-Blue-Program”. This project is a program that was introduced in 2008 and regulates the way how cars are produced, what materials and what resources are used and in how far those regulations can help to minimize the pollution and waste of material. The overall goal of this project is a total reduction of the pollution by 25 percent. This goal is aimed to archive in 2018. In order to archive a more efficient and sustainable use of materials VW concentrated on two main projects. One of these projects opens up the possibility for owners of an old VW – car to bring their car back to VW and trade it for a fair price. The sustainable aspect of this option is following: The old car is used either as a direct source for car-parts, which than will be checked and/or repaired, or as a source for raw materials for the current automobile production. This project enables VW to safe money as well as to reduce the overall pollution since new car parts or materials do not have to be produced in the first place. VW officially stated that this project saves annually up to 350.000 tons of Steel and Metal, and up to 500.000 tons of CO² that is not polluting the environment. The other project I found worth presenting is the overall improvement of the production and the...
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