Sustainability of Singapore as a Sports Tourism Hub

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To present an overview of the latest sporting developments in Singapore and evaluate Singapore’s sustainability in enhancing Singapore’s position as a sports tourism hub in Asia.

-Discuss the recent infrastructures constructed for Singapore’s sporting industry -Identify recent initiatives by the Singapore Sports Council -Highlight key inaugural sporting events held recently

-Discuss the advantages of having Singapore as a sports tourism hub -Discuss limitations faced in the long run and some measures being taken -Determine Singapore’s sustainability in the long run

1.3.1.Sports Tourism (Higham, 2004)
All forms of active and passive involvement in sporting activity, participated in casually or in an organized way for non-commercial or business/ commercial reasons, that necessitate travel away from the home and work locality.

1.3.2.Sustainable Tourism (Higham, 2004)
Tourism which is in a form which can be maintained its viability in an area for an indefinite period of time.

1.4.Overview of Sports in Singapore
Singapore’s position in the regional sporting arena has been an area of consistent improvements over the years. The outstanding performance from our aspiring young athletes during the Asian Youth Games in 2009, clinching a 4th on the medal tally further proved Singapore’s prowess in sports in this region. With several state-of-the-art sports facilities and structures being constructed in the region, Singapore has been keeping itself up to date with the sports in the region and providing venues for such activities. The upcoming major summer games, Youth Olympic Games 2010 (YOG 2010) will be held in Singapore as well, with examples of infrastructural and government support examined in the report.

1.5.Method of Investigation
This report is an assessment of research gathered through magazines, official and government websites, annual reports, news articles and books on sports tourism till 9th February 2010. An email correspondence had also been established with Ms Rachel Chan, a staff of HiVelocity who are the organisers for local events like Sundown Marathon, Aviva Ironman 70.3 and Men’s Health Urbanathlon.

2.Local Sports Tourism
2.1.Latest Infrastructure Developments

2.1.1.Tampines Bike Trail
Constructed in 2007, the 60-hectare trail will be used for BMX and Mountain Bike (MTB) during the Youth Olympic Games. It has been recently upgraded to make it more technically challenging. Since then, it has hosted several regional MTB events like the Phat Tyre Sunday Mountain Bike Race, Bike Asia 100 and the Eneloop Mountain Bike Carnival.

2.1.2.Singapore Turf Club (STC)
At its new location next to Kranji MRT Station, the STC is an exemplary architectural centrepiece of a racecourse, with a roof structure inspired by a horse in motion. It houses several grandstands with exclusive and unobstructed viewing for public, privileged cardholders and invited guests. With a range of F&B, viewing galleries and event rooms, the STC is capable of holding large scale equestrian events.

2.1.3.Marina Reservoir
The Marina Reservoir, opened in Nov 1 2008, was part of Singapore’s plan in diversifying its water supply by recycling waste water and desalinating sea-water. Being the largest reservoir, it is able to host a variety of water sports including rowing and canoe-kayaking with the Gardens by the Bay; a new park next to the reservoir providing an excellent vantage point.

2.2.Recent Initiatives

SSC has recently launched a nationwide movement called “Let’s Play”. It encourages all Singaporeans to be involved in sports in all ways, emphasizing on increasing the ease of involving oneself in sports through playing, cheering or volunteering.

The SSC had also launched collaborated with the URA to construct more public parks, park connectors, open communal areas and exercise corners to encourage exercise...
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