Sustainability in Organizations

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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This paper is an essay about literature review on the topic of change and sustainability in organizations relating to technology, innovation, leadership and human sustainability. The basis of my review is through the use of various journal articles. INTRODUCTION

Change is one of the aspects that organizations are faced with almost on a daily basis. Organizations are forced to adapt to it for them to be successful in the industry this is because there are constant changes in the environment. Changes that organizations and companies adopt include downsizing, flattening structures, upgrading their technology, re-engineering or even choose to go global. Although change is a never ending process, many organizations are faced with the challenge of developing a management style that will enable them to cope with the changes. This leads to us asking so many questions such as whether there is one best way of making changes in an organization to improve its production. And to answer such a question, we can say that there is no one best way of making changes in an organization that can lead to its sustainability. This is evident from the complexity of an organization. Many people of an organization are affected with this change and so we must consider them. Most scholars argue that there are various ways of making changes in any organization and also other area. There is one argument that change effort must focus on cultural change for sustainability. By first understanding, the nature of an organization and its cultures, change can be easily implemented. This is because nature of cultures tends to be rooted deeply in an organization and is not easy to discern them. Organizations here are considered as social system as the performance of the organization is considered to be made up by the way people, and structures interact. The article on this also says that by simply improving management systems or changing technologies are not the way to go about because culture of...
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