Sustainability in Houpitality Education

Topics: Sustainability, Sustainable development, Triple bottom line Pages: 17 (4624 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Hospitality Research Project
Part A: Research Proposal

Sustainability in Hospitality Education
* A Case Study -

Supervisor: David Proctor

Stenden Hogeschool
International Hotel Management
The Netherlands

Fei Fei Wang & Anjani de Graaf
Stenden University of Applied Scienes, Leeuwarden

Declaration of personal work

1. This work is composed by us.
2. This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or diploma, by me or anyone else. 3. The work of which this is a record is done wholly by us.
4. All verbatim extracts have been distinguished by quotation marks and the sources of our information have been specifically acknowledged.


Anjani de Graaf


Feifei Wang


The purpose of this study is to discover to what extent sustainability education is implemented in the hospitality industry practical perspective. The knowledge of reviewing and digging is significant to students who desire to develop in their future career in terms of sustainability. This is especially in different aspects such as environments, social, and economics. Moreover, there is a significant relevance since sustainability in these three aspects is a trend in the hospitality industry and other industries. In the meanwhile, this study also aims to search a real linkage with learning and understanding in theory as well as in practice. Continuing, the study aims to examine and assist students (IHM) to make use of all knowledge that has been shared in the curriculum. To create an own project by implementing all knowledge, is an additional importance of the study. One must bear in mind that the following case study is applied to a single hospitality educational institution, thus the results are not representative for other institutions, however similar they may seem. KEY WORDS: Sustainability education, sustainability concepts & practices, sustainability knowledge, IHM, Hospitality industry, Corporate Social Responsibility, Triple Bottom Line.

Table of Contents
Background of the study4
Rationale – The purpose of the study5
Objective of Research Project5
The assumption and limitations of the study6
Conceptual Model6
Literature Review8
Sustainability concepts – from theory to practice8
Relevant sustainability concepts – Triple Bottom Line (TBL)9
Sustainability curriculum within hospitality education – teaching and learning11
Relevancy of sustainability in the hospitality industry12
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)12
Sustainability development13
List of abbreviations17

The article is structured as follows with Stenden University of Applied Science at the center of this case study: First, the background, purpose, objective and limitations of the study are given. This will be followed by a literature review in which one is familiarized with the main theoretical perspectives. Next, the methodology gives a description of the methods used to conduct the study; it is an aspect that is connected to the actual research and the findings. Then comes the data collection which will be described in detail after which interpretations are done, conclusions can be drawn and recommendations for further research can be given.

Background of the study
Sustainability has emerged as a result of significant concerns about the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences of rapid population growth, economic growth and consumption of our natural resources. Compared to other industries, hospitality is lagging behind in the commitment to sustainability (Barber, Deale, & Goodman, 2011; Tzschentke, 2004). It is essential that hospitality students are encouraged to understand the importance of sustainability education...
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